Got Issues? Yahoo Wants The Video

    January 17, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Yahoo and the Film Your Issue website are jointly promoting the “Issue Film” competition to highlight the concerns of young adults over topical issues.

Youth will be heard this summer. The contest wants submissions from filmmakers aged 16-25. Film Your Issue and Yahoo want 30- to 60-second videos on pressing issues of importance in the world today.

Yahoo will provide video hosting on its Jumpcut website. Last year, Yahoo acquired Jumpcut and its video editing and remixing tools, all of which may be accessed through a web browser.

All that a potential entrant in the vital age group needs is a camera and an idea. The availability of tools like those on Jumpcut were a pipe dream to older people who had to learn to do things like splice actual film during the editing process.

The tools really are an astonishing accomplishment. Digital media and the tools to manipulate it, especially video, may be the revolution promised by a thousand cries to ‘stick it to The Man.’

Plenty of cross-property promotion will come from Yahoo and its properties. As the contest’s exclusive online sponsor, Yahoo will push ‘Film Your Issue’ in several locations. Company CEO Terry Semel, a long-time Hollywood veteran, and several celebrity judges like John Cusack and Walter Cronkite, will pick the winning submissions.

Yahoo users will have the opportunity to vote on their favorites too. Their favorite filmmaker, as well as the finalists in other categories, will attend the awards ceremony at the United Nations building in New York in June 2007.

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