Google’s Still Not Buying Twitter

At least not right now...

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Likely, Boomtown’s Kara Swisher gets tired of being the TechCrunch Google-rumor-debunker. Maybe not. She seemed to enjoy reminding readers about the Michael Arrington grapevines sprouting out tales of Google buying Digg and Bebo, neither of which ever happened. This time it’s Twitter.

Kara Swisher
Kara Swisher

In the comments of TechCrunch’s rumor report that Google was in late-stage talks to buy Twitter, Arrington notes that posting a rumor is a good way of shaking out information. Maybe next time he should just give Swisher a call and save everybody a lot of trouble. Swisher, married to a Google executive, generally has the better inside scoop.

Here’s what a Swisher source had to say about it: “Seriously, no negotiations, no deal, nada.”

That’s more in line with Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s earlier statement about sitting on Google’s money until the economy gets better. With unemployment at a predicted peak last month, that could be as early as this summer, if you’re the extra-optimistic type. Although CEOs of multinational corporations are notorious liars about everything, Schmidt’s generally made good on what he puts out to the public.

Swisher’s sources say there have been preliminary discussions between Google and Twitter about real time search and “product stuff.” That seems to match up with AdAge’s report that Google will be using Twitter to sell AdSense ads. Advertisers will have the opportunity to stream their five most recent tweets all across the AdSense network.

If Google made an offer for Twitter, an offer that would have to be near the billion-dollar range, it might be because every Tom, Dick, and Harry outside of Google really, really wants Google to buy Twitter. While Tom, Dick, (Mike) and Harry are pushing the deal, Robert Scoble reminds his audience that Google historically has been where good microblogging companies go to die.

Remember Jaiku? Dodgeball? If so, it’s only because you were aware of them before Google bought them.


Google’s Still Not Buying Twitter
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  • http://www.usfreeads.com/1758008-cls.html Jay

    Adsense on Twitter would be a hugely profitable ordeal. More and more people are flocking to Twitter as CNN and other media outlets are selling its usefulness for news. I can’t see how Google would turn down such a deal despite the woes of the economy.

    • http://makemoneynotexcuses.com Internet Marketing Expert

      You’re absolutely right; Adsense would be extremely profitable on twitter. I think they may eventually buy it but may have their focus on other things right now.

    • http://www.golfersbiz.com George Packard

      I didn’t consider that idea. That would be a great integration for twitter!

  • http://www.bloggingshed.com Arwen Taylor

    I saw an interview with Biz Stone one of the owners of Twitter and it didn’t sound like to me they are interested in selling to any body least of all Google. According to what he says, they are going to be rolling out some ad revenue schemes of their own later this year so they are definitely looking at making Twitter a viable business.

  • Guest

    Google want to buy Twitter? bull sh…. t

  • http://nuurl.us/f5ea6 Poseidon SEO, SEM, SMO

    My opinion is Twitter should not be sold to any internet giant especially Google, Microsoft or MSN. If Twitter owners can manage well they won’t be needed for any supporter.

  • http://twitter.com-webtools.info/ ATF Media

    Companies like Dell and Whoot.com are earning Millions of Dollars on Twitter.com, leveraging tens of thousands of customers ready to buy at a moments notice. The famed Guy Kawasaki has called Twitter.com “a weapon.” What do these marketing elites know that you don’t?

    How can every day small businesses compete with giants like these? How can people like you and me generate a Twitter following of tens and even hundreds of thousands of customers? It seems almost an impossible feat… Or so I thought.

    Check out http://hummingbird.com-webtools.info

    Truly Amazing!!!

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    Since I’m on Twitter mainly to socially market my safety and security web site, I’m always interested in what’s going on there. Thanks, Jason, for giving us the scoop.

  • Kara Swisher


    While it is certainly fine to mention that I am married to a Googler, the placement of it seems to imply I get info from her on Google.

    I do not.

    In fact, in our extensive disclosure on our site, I wrote:

    “…I will not discuss anything in this blog with Megan prior to publication and will not report any information I glean from her unless it can be attributed by name to her in that particular instance.”

    So far, that has never happened, in fact, as I don’t involve her in my work and she does not involve me in hers.

    I reported out that Google/Twitter story using my own sources, which I have gleaned from a dozen years covering the tech sector.

    You can read the rest of my disclosure here:




  • http://www.doubleglazingshop.co.uk/ double glazing

    If gogole buys twitter or puts adsense on it will create more income stream for them both, twitters getting a lot of traffic.

  • Shaunhussey

    I would rather believe that the better match for twitter is facebook

  • http://www.autoakseeds.com jj

    they will

  • http://www.okinawahdr.com okinawa

    If Twitter keeps momentum….Google will either buy it or launch a competing service I would think….

  • Stacey C

    Google won’t buy Twitter because it doesn’t go with their company model. When/if it does they will buy but they but they don’t need to.

    Google is doing fine by itself and so is Twitter and just like how Myspace was bought out by media giant (Viacom, I believe) the credibility of that site went down and now it’s dying. People would leave twitter and find something new to network through. I’m sure there’s no short of sites that would love to take Twitter’s #1 spot.

  • http://sorin.rusi.ro Sorin

    ori ba.

  • http://www.martinwright.tv Martin Wright

    You can get a sneak preview of what Twitter will look like when Google get their hands on it by using Twitseek

  • http://www.melbourneonline.com.au Mark – Melbourne Web Design

    Google won’t purchase Twitter until they see that it can survive monetisation. They will wait to see what users do once Twitter contains ads and once people realise that everything they tweet on there will be used for market research and direct advertising.
    I can’t see Twitter lasting long once this happens.

  • http://www.francislee.com.au Francis Australian SEO

    Isn’t it obvious? …just another case of “Rumour has it..”

  • Internet User

    I did not find twitter to be very friendly. Trying to find something on their site was useless. No instructions about anything. If they are trying to do something to get everyone involved, they will loose the baby boomers.

  • http://www.ticketsgenie.com tickets

    I think the whole Twitter site is a joke it’s not even user friendly. Also it’s just like puting a staus message on Facebook or Myspace what’s so cool about that?

    Google put up a site themself that would be much better then that on there own and you know it would be a lot more user friendly. Oh and it better have much more features haha.

  • Guest

    twitter is just a fad like anything else and eventually it will fade…but let’s all enjoy it while it lasts…
    tweet! tweet!

  • http://www.MoonlightSales.com/landing.htm Moonlight

    There’s very little you can say in 140 characters and I don’t thing Google would be to interested in Twitter because, well… it just isn’t enough viable content. They have plenty of, what is known as, their own “Cesspool”.

    Twitter is just nothing more than that… a cesspool of worthless information. It’s only real value is the traffic it generates. So monetizing may be the only thing Google would be interested in.

    Who really cares and wants to know stuff like… “Having a cup of Java Mocha Mint Latte with Chocolate Sprinkles” or ” My Dog Is Humping My Leg… Eww… How Gross”. Get the drift… worthless info. No wonder our country is in the crapper, we live in a world that has gone seriously Twidiot.

  • http://www.go-cielo.com/ Cielo

    instead of doing this ads thing, twitter should focus on adding more features and making it more user friendly.

  • Guest

    Google want to buy Twitter?
    i cant believe it.

    IP address finder – Track IP location

  • http://www.linkcredible.com/ Stephen Stuart Smith

    Google wants to buy TWITTER!

    Seriously cant believe it.

  • http://ripsychotherapy.com Mike Adamowicz

    Twitter seems to be a flash in the pan to me. Can’t see why Google would have any long term interest.

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ Eric

    What I have analyzed after reading quite a few reports about twitter being bought by google is that it is a rumor and Google don’t intend to buy twitter at least now as of my analysis after reading a lot of this stuff. And I dont think that owners of twitter will want to sale it.

  • http://googlingsocial.com Chris Lang

    If Kara Swisher is married to a Google executive and she is sharing what the information he brings home from work, information that Google itself is unwilling to release to the press, how much longer will Mr. Swisher be working for Google.

    Not long I would suppose…..

    We all know Arrington can post a few things that are over the top.

    But Swisher seems a bit to out to qualify herself here. Saying that her husband shares insider Google information with her and she publishes it? I would not exactly share that is I had that resource.

    I am way more interested to see what Google has to say to the guy when he gets to work today….

  • Owen

    They wont buy it, it will look bad on them because of redundancies and job losses, they can hardly condone spending 1 billion!


  • http://www.planet-numbers.co.uk 0845 numbers

    I’ve been using Twitter for a little while now and get a good amount of traffic from it.

    I personally like twitter and its cute little features. It’s not like Facebook where people get upset if you stop being their friend, you can choose who you want updates from.

    From a marketing point of view, it’s a great tool for gaining customers through informal chat.

    All you doubters just give it a go.

  • http://cameravideohd.com camera video hd

    The links on Twitter do not count for SEO, but still very valuable for direct trade (shares and retweets). Furthermore, what I’m saying in the article is that search engines like Google can factor in future social sites link directly to impact rankings.

  • http://idmg.co.uk Online Marketing

    @camera video hd – Actually links in Twitter do count for SEO. There are several people that have carried out tests (including myself), to prove this. Create a subdomain on one of your sites but dont add any link to it at all. Then tweet a link to it – within an hour Google will have indexed it.

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    Wohh precisely what I was looking for, appreciate it for putting up.

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