Google’s Prophecies for the Web

    February 17, 2009
    Chris Crum

Jonathan Rosenberg of GoogleLast night, Google’s SVP, Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg posted something of a state of the Internet address on the Official Google Blog. In this post, he made four predictions for the web:

1. All the world’s information will be accessible from the palm of every person

2. Everyone can publish, and everyone will

3. When data is abundant, intelligence will win

4. The vast majority of computing will occur in the cloud

So basically, everything will be in a mobile cloud of user generated content where only the best content will thrive. At least that’s my interpretation of what Rosenberg had to say (and he had a LOT to say – almost 4,500 words).

Numbers 2 and 3 pretty much go hand in hand, and are things we are already seeing in the online advertising industry. I just referenced a Wall Street Journal article on this a little bit ago in fact.

This is one of those "Google’s waxing intellectual about the future of the Internet, so we had better pay attention" posts. I don’t think any of this is anything we didn’t already know (at least on a sub-conscious level), but seeing it all come together in a large post from the web giant that is Google really puts it all into perspective.