Google’s Postini Deal Goes Through

    August 8, 2007

There’s no telling what’ll happen with the DoubleClick deal, but Mountain View’s Postini arrangement is no longer up in the air – the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t mind if Google acquires the email security company.

Neither Postini nor Google has made an announcement about the new development, so this article may be a little short on “their company will be good for us” and “our company will be good for them” quotes.  But both parties are undoubtedly pleased that the $625 million purchase can go through.

“Google plans to use Postini to boost security for their hosted application suite Google Apps,” reports Steve Ragan for Monsters and Critics.  And Google and Postini may not be the only happy ones here: “Several companies have expressed concern over the potential risks of hosting corporate email on Google’s systems.  The deal with Postini was made to alleviate those fears . . .”

At the very least, it hasn’t caused any new ones – Google’s stock is up slightly today.  Then again, Google’s stock is almost always “up,” so the Postini deal may not have made much of a financial impact in either direction.

Google’s acquisitions department has also been rather unexciting lately; with this arrangement wrapped up, one has to wonder if Google will resume its buying rampage.