Google’s Panoramio Gets an iPhone App

    October 21, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has released a new iPhone app for Panoramio, which lets users upload photos right from their iPhone.

"Tens of millions of mobile users own a device with a good camera and GPS," said Fernando Delgado of Panoramio. "We realize that a lot of these users may want to share photos of places with the rest of the world via Google Maps and Google Earth."

Panoramio for the iPhone

"The philosophy behind the app is to keep it simple: sign in (only the first time), pick a photo from your device or take a new photo, and upload it straight to Panoramio," explains Delgado. "If available, the geoposition will be automatically set, and you can optionally add a title to the photo."

This is the first time Panoramio has released a mobile app, but Google says it is working on an Android application to compliment it.

Panoramio photos are used on Google Earth and Google Maps as photo layers, where people all over th world can see them. The service lets users tag their photos under categories like art, buildings, etc.