Google’s Future In Television

    November 28, 2006

Google is not likely to become a TV network, according to Richard Kimber, Google’s managing director of sales and operations for South East Asia.

Google's Future In Television
I Want My GoogleTV?

Kimber was interviewed by ABC’s Alan Kohler; a transcript was provided by Inside Business.

Some of the comments seemed broadly applicable, even if the main subject was “What does Google have planned for Australia?”

On that subject, an ABC report indicated that “Australia’s place in Google’s global mission is secure, with Mr Kimber describing the country as a research and development centre.”

But in terms of television, America was specifically mentioned.

“Typically, people are watching shorter clips and then they will still go to TV to watch the full show,” Kimber said. “We’re seeing that in the US, with shows like the Letterman Show using it as a way of promoting activity on the TV channel. So for us we don’t see it as cannibalising the TV, but more as an adjunct to it.”

Kohler then asked the Google exec if he saw “Google participating in any way in the consolidation in the media in Australia that’s clearly coming up,” to which Kimber replied with a rather definite “no.”

He added, however, “We see Google being a key facilitating agent in the media industry. We see ourselves very much acting as a distribution point.”

Kimber began the interview in more general terms.

“Google has had great growth over the last little while,” he noted, “and we don’t particularly look at the share price as a measure ourselves, but we continue to focus on building on our services both here in Australia as well as throughout the region.”

ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin had a rather biting, if grammatically imperfect, take on Kimber’s comments.

“Google applies its go-to-market we’re not you’re [sic] competitor, we’re your friend’ shtick in every market it aims to dominate, both online and off, in the U.S. and abroad,” she wrote.

And according to Bogatin, “Kimber is not shy about stating Google’s desire to dominate, everywhere.”

Well, Bogatin is entitled to her opinion.

Some other people who object to the company’s dominance are mentioned in an old article by our own Jason Lee Miller.


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