Google TV Ads Gets Hands On Hallmark Inventory

    May 4, 2009

The Hallmark Channel reaches roughly 86 million homes, which, whether or not you dash to the couch every night to watch it, is impressive.  And starting today, Google TV Ads is allowing users to reach the same audience.

Google TvThe Hallmark Channel is a proven hit with women in the 25-54-year-old age range, so companies that are interested in that demographic should pay special attention.  A post on Google’s Let’s Take it Offline blog names shows with a slightly wider appeal like "The Golden Girls," "I Love Lucy," and dear old "Cheers," too, making the potential deal even sweeter.

As for what sort of steps are necessary for would-be advertisers to get involved, the process is simple.  The official blog post explains, "To access this inventory, simply log into your AdWords account and create a new TV campaign.  On the ‘Target campaign’ page, choose Hallmark Channel as a target network, upload your ad, and set the CPM and budget.  Your ads will then be entered into the auction.  After ads air, you will have access to reports measuring the number of impressions, CPM and audience retention based on accurate set-top-box data."

Google TV Ads has been growing more and more interesting over the last few months, with arrangements involving CNBC, MSNBC, and SciFi coming into being.

Toss in the study showing that people are now watching more TV than they were last year, and it’s starting to look like Google TV Ads has a real shot at success.