Google Trends Daily Updates

    September 25, 2007

New search trends are coming very frequently. To keep a track of the changing search trends, Google came up with something new and exciting. Today in an announcement at the Official Google Blog, it was revealed that Google Trends now comes with the ability to track different search trends and compare on a daily basis with new daily updates.

Users of Google Trends can view trends for the last 30 days. And what they get in return is a detailed report on the increases and decreases in search volume for certain keywords for each day in that particular time period. Google Trends is now updated every day with the latest information. Prior to this it was only updated once a month.

To get a clear picture of what the new Google Trends means, check out this daily results for ‘halloween costumes‘ in the month of September.


With Google Trends get to known in a better way what the world is searching for.