Google Shares Search Predictions

Google's Matt Cutts Talks Future of Search

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This time of year everybody likes to start making predictions about where industries are heading. This is especially true in the search industry. My guess is that we will see quite a few pieces this month regarding where search is going in 2010. These can make for entertaining reads and get the mind going with regards to how we are going to have to plan for an ever-changing future of search engine marketing.

Share your own predictions for search here.

When Google itself comes out with predictions for where search is headed, things get even more interesting. This is obviously because Google is such a huge and critical part of the search landscape. Google’s Matt Cutts discussed some of his own predictions for search in a recent upload to Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel.

One thing Matt stressed is that Google is always looking for new types of data to search. He gave examples of searching email with Gmail, books with Google Book Search, and patents with Google Patent search. He predicts Google will continue this trend and find more data sources to provide search functionality for.

Another prediction he gave was that Google will continue to improve search over harder problems. Specifically, he noted things like determining what is really going on with the words in documents and in queries – semantic search if you will.

"A lot of people think that if you type in ‘A B C,’ all Google does is crawl the web and return pages that match ‘A,’ ‘B,’ and ‘C’. And that’s not it," says Cutts. "We do a lot of sophisticated stuff. Think about synonyms, morphology…all sorts of ways where we can kind of find out, ‘oh, this is really related to them conceptually.’ Whether you want to call it semantic stuff or statistical processing, we do a lot of stuff to try and return relevant documents."

As part of this prediction, Cutts says Google will continue trying to find new ways to extract "good data" from the web. He mentions Google Squared (which is still in an experimental stage)  as an example of doing so. Google Squared, in Google’s words, takes a category and creates a starter ‘square’ of information, automatically fetching and organizing facts from across the web.

Google Squared  - Planets

Cutts also predicts that people will get more comfortable with storing their data in the cloud. He expects more people will migrate their data from their hard drives to different cloud services, and that this will make it easier and better for search, and contribute to the delivery of more relevant results.

He also mentions real-time and mobile as playing significant roles in the future or search. No surprise there.

"It’s going to be a lot of fun. Search is nowhere near done, and every time we make search better, people ask us harder and harder questions, " he says. "So the nice thing is knowing that we’ll pretty much always have more to do to make search better."

Cutts recently discussed the possibility that page speed could play a role in search engine rankings. He made no mention of this in this set of predictions, but that is another thing to consider as we get ready to move into 2010.

What predictions do you have for search? Any that Matt didn’t go into? Discuss here.

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Google Shares Search Predictions
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  • Daz

    Wheres Google Going?
    1 Google Fianace A ThinK Is Good En
    2 Google Store Front App Store ect
    3 In Home Settop Boxee Like Xbox Thing
    4 Google Maps Satnav App Property Search “rent sale” Thing (e)
    5 Google Look Up – Not Lit – prescription drugs – medical

    But Ye If A Was To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is Ad Say Google Setop boxee Thing / and google gizmo5 cisco phone “ALIANS” Stuff / Google Property Shop / Google Store Front App Game Store – Thing Google Might Use Animation on Search Page?/ Geo Maping Thing (e) /

    But Ye Google Fianace App For Smart Phone – Thinks Thats Next Big en – oi google fianace grath links broken – please fix

  • http://www.ncoded.com Guest

    I wonder how big Google has to get, or how industry it will distort before it gets bust up as a Monopoly?

    Sure its great that it gives away FREE stuff, but what if that was your industry? Wasnt this the problem with Microsoft IE ??

    If the USA dont then the EU should..

  • http://princevaliant.260mb.com/index.htm Mariano Bayona Estradera

    I only know that I have several websites that have been in the first page of Google for years and due to changing the URL because the server has desapeared, Google cannot put in the proper place as mine are pages with tousands of more information than thousands of sites that Google clisified before mines.

    Some examples:

    http://smallville.260mb.com/index.htm (more than two years in the first page of Google)
    http://spanishsuperman.260mb.com/index.htm (more than five years)

    All because the before server named Cinecin has disapeared and I must recolocate all my sites from Ciencin in 260mb.com.

    The only that is an exception is http://flashgordon.260mb.com/index.htm that is on the second page of google spain

    All my sites are in Spanish

    Greetings from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

    Mariano Bayona Estradera

  • http://www.GameGuideDog.com gameguidedog

    No I think the fact that Google gives you JUST THE FACTS is what mades them great.

    They started off ADVERTISEMENT free. The don’t make you look at flashing buzzers, and wing dingers that hurt your eyes from advertisers that we’ve all learned to ignore.

    The give you crisp, clean, solid information in an app that can be understand easily.

    In my opinion, this is why they won out over Yahoo which is why Yahoo charges just to be listed which is absolutely unfair.

    What i’m curious to find out is the question of Microsoft installing BING toolbars on their browsers and OS systems. Is that even fair? Will people still remember Google is easier to use?

    GameGuideDog Applications Developer

    • Roe

      Yahoo does not charge to be indexed, only to be in their directory — which seems to be completely pointless these days, even from an SEO perspective.

  • http://www.snerdey.com Snerdey

    Love Google, it’s been the BEST in the biz for us to use! They have so much talent within that they have become the 800 pound gorilla .. 94% of our buyers come from Google. They can do whatever they want, within reason .. but the idea is they are hiring more people and spreading the wealth.

    If anything, maybe take G and make that part of the new division.. then O, O, G, L, E … :)

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Follow Snerdey on Twitter

  • http://www.seo4all.co.uk SEO4all

    I think that Google will definately be taking page load times into account aswell as moving more towards real-time search. The two are inextricably linked. In addition long load-times can be as a result of poor coding and overloaded pages which can lead to disability accessibility problems and visitor disatisfaction and therefore it is only right that those pages sink down the index in my opinion.

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  • http://www.netchunks.com Web Magazine

    I really like Google and the way they work.I also liked Google Squared, quite a cool experiment I must say. There is a lot of scope still in the search engine market and it is glad to see that Google is working towards filling up the loopholes and providing more features to its users

  • http://redfoxseo/forum Webmaster Forum

    I am surpised ( not rally) that Matt did not mention page speed. I am willing to bet that this will be a bigger factor then people think. Nioe article by the way.

    My oen feeling is that Google is over thinking and the results are suffering because of this. That is my own thought however.

  • Guest

    Problem is Google still needs to work on eliminating spam results out of it’s searches that get returned. When I search for graphic files, over 90% of the results are spam and often malicious websites. Over half of the websites that are returned in the top 100 results are links to websites with yet more links to yet more websites with more links.

    Often I am finding better results on bing.com now. Microsoft is catching up with Google if something is not done with irrelevant results returned with search queries.

    I design templates for part time work and those are even a bigger problem. Google returns tons of results alright, but very few of the returns are even relevant to the search query.

  • http://www.visionefx.net Rick Vidallon

    I would welcome some thoughts for separating web sites and web directories in search queries; same way that Google has separate searches for images, video and news.

    • http://www.crearecommunications.co.uk Amelia

      Totally agree. This would be really useful for many people. Not just SEOs either… Though obviously a great benefit of removing directories from SERPs would be that ‘real’ websites would have more space to compete with one another rather than several directories. Especially when you consider that many directories are based on who pays the most rather than whose site is the best.

  • http://ldii-sidoarjo-jawatimur.blogspot.com/ ldii

    I’m always worried about the changes Google would make. It must influence my site significantly. While Google requires the quality, freshness and originality of the content but the requirement alone seem quite relative for me.

  • http://thealeksandar.com/ Aleksandar freelance

    Seams like better SERP results and less users privacy in future. Who can vague what have more weight?

  • http://www.nds-gear.co.uk R4i

    How long before Bing and Yahoo catch up to Google and new Google developments are no longer the lifeblood of the entire search industry? Given Google’s attitudes towards customer service and friendliness to the public (neither of which currently exist formally – finding a Google support phone number that isn’t automated is a never ending quest, for example), this could be sooner rather than later.

  • http://www.surfersparadisequeensland.net.au Surfers Paradise

    I tried Google Square – thats pretty cool and could be very useful as defining different types of data into a more usable and structured way is probably the best way for search engines to go. However I’m using IE8 and there is a bug where the scoll bars dont appear on the browser the first time you get a result.

  • http://clearwebservices.com Ian Spencer

    As a massive fan of Google and what it has done for the Internet and general web / computer development, I think next year could be a good year for improvements.

    Searches are already much, much stronger than of years ago, and as technology improves, this will only get better.

    I am more excited about the development of the webmaster / analytics side of thing, must be due for a big update.

  • joons

    it’s great that the “one and only” search company goes off and is willing to put all the rest of us who are struggling with social marketing on the sidelines.
    There are areas where someone does a search and some dimwit shoves something on the net that is relatively irrelevant but is “socially addressed” that puts my totally relevant site off on the second page.
    This is really dangerous stuff as Google goes chasing Paris Hilton and latest axe murder/tiger woods sensation and leaves the people who are earning a living from real products chasing a non-existent rainbow
    Again small business will get shafted by google

  • http://www.youstencil.com Frank

    Its all well and good for Google to look for new data forms to search.
    I’m waiting for see if there are any advancements in real time indexing.
    It took Google near 2 months to re- index some of my pages that had
    completely new content.

    • http://spartanseo.com SEO Seattle

      Totally agree with Frank on this one… Google is still behind the curve on real time indexing, which is one area where Bing does seem to be doing a much better job.

  • Daz

    Further To Fresh Content – I Had Wab Pages Indexed Within 2 Days – Google Are Cleaning Web Up Of Spam And Pointless Results – As Business Owner – Have Done Research Into All This As My Sites Vanished?

    Think Google Are Pushing Industre DOMAINS That Refer To SITE Names

  • DimitriAu

    … meaning there are no inventions expected in search. The only idea is to make people through more data to them (up to cloud). What else would you expect thieves to dream about ?
    And hey. watch his body language, that is hilarious !

  • http://spartanseo.com SEO Seattle

    Personally believe that 2010 is the year Google will really wow us with major improvements including refined semantic search. Also, think Chrome and Android will put some real heat on Microsoft as the year progresses. Will be fun to watch.

  • http://www.blackballonline.com Dave Durbin

    Google’s mission is merely to index all the world’s information. Everything they offer and everything they do is pointed toward that.

  • http://www.searchengineoptimizationstips.blogspot.com Manikandantvr

    Fantastic and Brilliant article post, i was seeing for this information on google while i found your info, unquestionably i like your blog post !

    Thanks for sharing..

  • http://www.e-blueprint.co.uk Sarah

    Google Squared sounds like a good idea. It sounds a lot easier and faster to find information on definitive things, although I for certain information we’re always going to have to browse search results and individual websites.

  • http://www.websites-seo.gr Chris

    It seems that Google wants to achieve a personalized search, results, world wide web. Do you think mobile is the next step?any advice?

  • Billy the Kid

    Che rottura di palle con questo Google !

    Ma esiste solo Google al Mondo ?

    E poi, quel MATT non ha la faccia simpatica :

  • http://cmtmarketing.net Jerry Pollio

    Cloud….the future….Google understands search..mobile……the scale is important…
    It’s all good..

  • http://www.driesbultynck.be Dries Bultynck

    Facial recognition with Google Goggles connect to your blog, website, twitter or other account

  • http://www.preparedcatholic.com Eric

    I will let people smarter than me do things to help me out for free any day they want to.

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