Google Search History Foreshadows Google Tags

    April 21, 2005

Google today launched a new opt-in feature called My Search History that aggregates all of your personal web searches into a searchable date-stamped blog-like archive.

This is just the beginning. Google will eventually layer on a tagging capability to enable individuals to categorize/share searches. After that – it’s Tagvertising time. Google will serve Adwords ads on these pages.

Marissa Mayer even hinted that ads are in their crystal ball.

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Excerpt of article referenced above (added by WPN Editor):

Google Launches Personal History Feature

Google is hoping the service becomes so valuable that people will use its search engine even more frequently than they already do, giving the company more opportunities to display text-based ads that boost its profits.

“We think there is some value in providing people with visibility into their past activity on Google,” said Marissa Mayer, the company’s director of consumer Web products.

…Mountain View-based Google believes the service has adequately addressed privacy concerns, although Mayer conceded people who share a computer might not want to use the service. “This isn’t for someone who is particularly sloppy about signing in and signing off,” she said. “You have to have very good computer hygiene to use this.”

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