Google Runs Superficial Video Ads

    February 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

From contextual text advertising to image banners to rich media advertising, Google has now extended what it can do with its AdSense network.

The GoogleRumors website posted a story that became the hot advertising news item over the weekend. On the entertainment website “The Superficial,” a new type of Google ad appeared recently.

This one, based on Flash technology, delivered an ad for as a playable video complete with volume control. The 15-second advertisement pitches the site, and at the bottom right of the ad the familiar “Ads by Google” appears.

GoogleRumors noted that the inclusion code for the ad was the typical AdSense code in use by numerous members of Google’s publisher network. At press time, the ad running in place of that video was a basic image advertisement for AOL high speed access.

One commenter on the GoogleRumors site brought up an interesting point: how will site publishers be paid for this type of ad? It looks like Google should at least pay on a CPM basis, since the video displays an image even if it isn’t played.

Publishers may not be happy if the model is CPC, requiring users to play the video to get credit for the impression. The ad occupies a 300×250 space, substantial on-screen real estate for an ad on a blog.

Nathan Weinberg blogged on InsideGoogle his approval of the new video ad format:

Google has done a perfect job with its video ad. Any ad that doesn’t play instantly is no problem with me. Hell, it isn’t even animated. The video resembles a Google Video, so any site which posts videos should love these; they’ll get plenty of playtime. I’m very happy with the way Google has done these, and I wish the animated ads were half as good.

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