Google Releases Urchin Update

    October 16, 2007

Users of Urchin’s software probably aren’t completely satisfied – the words “limited beta” are kind of a downer – but they’ve at least been tossed a morsel, as Google has updated Urchin 5.

Not too long ago, Urchin’s fans seemed ready to invade the Googleplex over its neglect of the service.  Google may have realized that playing with some software was easier than barricading the doors, since, according to Heather Havenstein, the senior manager of Google Analytics “acknowledged that the update to version 5 aims to appease those users.”

With price breaks for those who had been left hanging, this’ll likely do the trick.  What’s more, Google Analytics (Urchin’s brother, if you will) has also received some updates.  “Web masters can tag ‘events’ on sites now and track those events, such as pressing pause on a video or interacting in other ways with content that don’t generate page views,” reported Ken Fisher.
“Analytics will also allow users to identify the keywords, categories, products, and trends across time and user segments by tracking internal search results,” he then continued.  “The tracking will work with Google Custom Search, GSA, Google Mini and ‘many other non-Google site search products.’”

All in all, it’s a good (and Google-y) day for the analytics market.