Google Real Estate? Google Autos? Not?

    April 5, 2006

Steve Rubel, in two seperate posts, links to new types of searches Google is serving, from auto searches to real estate searches.

But is this really news? Last week, job searches were showing up in the regular search results, served via Google Base, and the auto and real estate results are built off the same model.

In fact, the Google Base homepage lists twenty seperate types of specialized search Base offers, including blog search, podcasts, recipes, tickets and content for mobile phones. Some are more featured than others: the recipe search has criteria for main ingredients and ethnic cooking, while clinical trials search has types of diseases, trial stages, and testing centers.

Now, we all made fun of Google Base when it was introduced as being too vague. “Upload anything”, they said, and many were just confused. Now, Google is looking brilliant, as usual. Google is builting specialty search engines, simply by having users and companies do all the work for them, loading the info into the Google dataBase, and building a simple search engine front-end around it. As soon as they have a critical mass of data, they add the search as a OneBox result in regular Google search, and thus, they’ve added a brand new targeted search engine, with a minimum of effort.

F-ing brilliant.

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