Google Prepping New Technology For AdWords Clients

    May 10, 2004

Keyword sales accounted for 35% of advertising revenue generated 2003. Search engine leader Google receives an estimated 95% of its revenue from keyword ad campaigns.

In light of these figures, reports that only 40-45% of searches have ads linked with them. In order to improve the percentages of ads linked, Google is developing tools that create an automated list of keywords for advertisers based on the content of the company’s site.

Google’s technology would scan the site of a company and create a list of keywords that would likely show up in search queries. The prospective company would pay Google to scan their site in order to develop keyword lists. This would take the burden of having to manage large amounts of keywords away from advertising companies.

The companies would pay for the scanning done by Google, and when placed ads were clicked on. Instead of bidding on keywords, companies will bid on the pages Google scans.

Google’s service in development is similar to Yahoo’s paid inclusion program. Much like Yahoo, Google’s new service will allow advertisers to send data feeds that would cause Google to index their sites more frequently. With Yahoo, you are paying to be included in the SERPs, with Google, you are paying to have an ad service carried out on your site and inclusion in the ad results.

Unlike Yahoo’s paid inclusion service, Google’s new service would not allow payment for listings within its index.

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