Google Personalized Home Page Makes It More Portal Like

    May 19, 2005

“Google is not a portal!” they cry. “Google is different…” we’re told. But a funny thing happened today.

Not only are they inching ever more down the slippery slope to portaldom, they’ve decided that we at Yahoo have really been on the right track all along!

How do I know this? None other than Marissa herself said so in describing their new customizable home page.

There’s a radical idea! A customized home page with a search box at the top. Innovative! Whoever thought of the product is a world-class genius! What next, an IM client? Web hosting? A Calendar?

I’m in awe!

Anyway, she said:

The new offering is a result of an internal Google initiative called Fusion, which aimed to fuse together Google functionality and content on the Web into a single way to access the content, Mayer said.

Fusion? Fuse? Damn, that sounds really familiar.

Where have I hear… Oh, right!

We’ve been talking about FUSE (Find, Use, Share, Expand) for months now. In fact, John Battelle wrote about it at some length back in April.

Weiner calls his vision FUSE (for Find, Use, Share, and Expand) and it’s an apt metaphor – using search to fuse a myriad of services and applications, all of which center on knowledge and its application.

While I appreciate Google’s ringing endorsement of the power of FUSE (or Fusion, as they prefer to call it), I’m really not sure we needed it. Ever since we added RSS capabilities to My Yahoo, our users have voted with their clicks.

Welcome to the content game, Google.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and some of us are quite flattered.

One suggestion for Marissa, if I may. Since it seems that you haven’t settled on a name for this “new” product, I’d like to suggest My Google. We’ve found that the whole “my” thing works pretty well over here.

I know she’s thinking about it, ’cause Google+introduces+personalized+home+pages/2100-1032_3-5714284.html”>she couldn’t stop talking about My Yahoo with CNet:

She added that the product has more to do with reader demands than as a competitive shot at Yahoo. “We’ve seen that there were users who wanted more on their home page…and this is a way to give them more access to their information. I feel this is different my MyYahoo. The fact that some people may say it looks like it’s aimed at MyYahoo was not the reason.”

I bet she’s got a bridge to sell me too…

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