Google & Panasonic to Launch Web-Enabled TVs

    January 8, 2008

At some point you will have to concede that the YouTube video of a hippo singing will be better than anything that’s on the 200 gazillion cable or satellite TV channels. And, when you come to that realization, Google and Panasonic will be there to fill the void.

Matsushita’s Panasonic and Google have announced a deal that will see the launch of internet enabled TVs this spring.

The TVs…will allow users to directly browse and access videos from YouTube, a video-sharing Web site owned by Google, and view Picasa Web Albums, a free online photo-sharing service from Google, Panasonic said in a statement on Monday.

OK, but just because you can watch blurry YouTube videos on a 60″ plasma–yikes, think of the pixelation at that resolution–does that mean that you will?

While everyone is gearing up for the future crossover of online and offline TV watching, it just seems so far off in the future. Still, if we ever can’t find something more entertaining to watch on TV than a teenager sitting in her bedroom, Google will be there to plaster quasi-relevant ads all over it.