Google Outsources Gmail Advertising, Again

    December 11, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The search advertising company turned to its Gmail users once more, in soliciting 30-second videos showing people telling their true Gmail stories.

Google Outsources Gmail Advertising, AgainIt’s all in good fun, as was the Gmail M-velope video promo Google conducted over the summer, leading up to SES San Jose.

This time, video submitters will have more time than the five seconds or less rapid-fire clips that comprised the last Gmail video. Video makers have until December 31st to submit their stories for consideration.

Google’s Miriam Schneider referenced Gmail’s genesis, an April 1, 2004 launch of the invitation only, 1 GB storage, web-based email service. People quickly realized Gmail was no joke, and invites began showing up in online auctions.

Three and a half years later, the storage has been bumped up to 5GB and counting, and anyone can sign up for a Gmail account. If it has made a positive difference for Gmail users, Google wants to see and hear their stories.

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