Google on Nofollow

    June 4, 2008

According to WPN, Google is announcing a Help Center for the NoFollow attribute. You can find it here: What is nofollow and why was it created?


Not much of a help center, but more of a page just explaining what they feel the nofollow is and means. Some quotes:

How does Google handle nofollowed links? We don’t follow them.

Sure you do, LOL. Most of us can see this in our logs. Now Google if you are soon changing that and are not going to crawl nofollow links that is fine, but I don’t see how it is feasibly possible. You have to crawl the link (with the attribute) bring it back to the index and then decide not to attribute PR to it. I don’t think you can just not crawl links with the nofollow attribute on the fly like the statement above suggests.

What are Google’s policies and some specific examples of nofollow usage?

Untrusted content

I guess you can nofollow your blog comments if your to much of a lazy to moderate them. I will pass here.

Paid links

Not this again. Listen we are not going to do your job for you. If you want to demote paid links figure it out and do it on your own dime.

Crawl prioritization

Now this one actually makes sense. I can see a purpose for nofollowing “register here” or “sign in” links, but once again we are just helping Google. By doing this does Google say we will rank better? No. What do we get out of making your spider and search more improved?

So nowhere in here do they mention that crappy talk of PR Sculpting and thank god for that. I hope this new nofollow page…err Help Center doesn’t entice the SEO mobs to start pushing the nofollow attribute desperately upon their clients just when the topic final cooled down.

I also don’t see much conversation on nofollowing external links (except for paid ones of course). Nowhere does Google say PR Hoarding is a good idea or works. That each of your pages has a bucket of PR and that nofollowing certain links will help that page bucket rank better.

As most of you know I have plenty to say about the nofollow attribute:

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Matt has a pretty decent post on his blog with more items of discussion that you should check out:

Improved SEO documentation galore!