Google Not Likely To Buy Facebook

    July 12, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

That $625 million Google paid for Postini recently isn’t a signal that Google has its hands on its wallet, ready to make the really big social networking buy out there.

Despite seemingly nonstop buzz about Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook site, Google co-founder Sergey Brin has been unmoved by the darling of many a speculative technology news item. Brin indicated the site isn’t making heartstrings flutter at the Googleplex.

Brin remarked in a CNBC report how Facebook is doing just fine on its own, and that Google’s execs “don’t look at companies for acquisition unless they are really interesting.”

Facebook uninteresting? Hard to believe if you follow the news. Brin says it’s so.

A separate story on CNBC quoted Brin as saying they wouldn’t go after Facebook unless Zuckerberg and company came to “talk to us.” That’s a little different concept than not finding the firm interesting.

Maybe companies are more interesting if they approach Google first? One might wonder if that’s how Grand Central and Postini positioned themselves for a shower of Google riches.

Brin shouldn’t bother waiting around for Facebook. Zuckerberg wrote himself into the entrepreneurial history books for reportedly blowing off a meeting with ex-Yahoo topper Terry Semel to spend time with his girlfriend instead.

Who knows, maybe the girlfriend will go out of town long enough to give him time to stop by the Google HQ and ask for a meeting.