Google Named 3rd Most Valuable Tech Company

    October 26, 2006

Google’s moving up in the world, and it just passed IBM. The search engine giant now holds the title of “world’s third most valuable technology company,” and is only about $2.5 billion behind Cisco. Microsoft is still the far-and-away leader of the pack, with a market capitalization of $279 billion (compared to Google’s $145 billion).

Those are some pretty impressive numbers, and they have to please Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The Indiatimes reports that Page and Brin “have fortunes of around $14 billion each and are the youngest members of the Forbes list of the richest Americans, where they occupy places 12 and 13.”

The news of Google’s achievement is turning heads everywhere. Google News lists stories from both The Melbourne Herald Sun (in Australia) and The New Zealand Herald (although the first piece is identical to the one at the Indiatimes site, and the second link currently doesn’t seem to lead to an article). Nathan Weinberg even took some time out of a wedding to make a short post about the accomplishment.

Google, as always, doesn’t seem to be overly concerned about such things. The company is still doing pretty much what it pleases, from buying spaceship replicas to making questionable choices about “free speech.” And whereas other corporations might have rushed to put out a boastful press release, the Google Press Center is silent.

To put Google’s value of $145 billion into perspective, eBay, Yahoo, and Amazon are only worth $45 billion, $32 billion, and $14 billion, respectively. The Indiatimes also noted that “Google is worth some $58 billion more than the combined value of America’s three largest automakers DaimlerChrysler ($54 billion), General Motors ($20 billion) and Ford ($15 billion).”

Google may not be throwing a public celebration, but the company is entitled to one.


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