Google May Put Aussie Data Center Plans On Hold

    April 7, 2009

A little more than five months ago, we documented a rumor that Google would build a data center in Australia.  Now, although everything’s still up in the air, a new report indicates the search giant isn’t exactly tripping over itself to start construction or buy an existing facility. 

Google Logo

According to Australian IT’s Mahesh Sharma, "Top Google executives charged with building a local data centre . . . have postponed a visit to Australia until after the federal Government’s $15 billion national broadband network contract announcement."

Sharma then continued, "The delay comes as vendors involved in the discussions express concern as to the economic viability of building Google’s data centre."

Australia’s Internet population is not, after all, growing at the rate of China’s or India’s.  Everyone might be able to get by without a brand new data center to handle their demands.  And since Google’s stock is still only at about half the level of its all-time high, the corporation might be less willing than usual to sit back and wait for long-term returns.

The meeting of Google execs has been delayed by just a month, however, so it’s possible they’re simply taking a bit more time to get a feel for the situation before leaping in.