Google May Face $15M Suit Over Blogger’s Outing

    August 24, 2009

Obeying a court order and revealing the identity of a formerly anonymous blogger might not work out so well for Google.  Rosemary Port, who was exposed as the author of the now infamous "Skanks in NYC" blog, has said that she intends to sue the search giant for $15 million.

Rosemary PortA little history: Port’s blog uses Google’s Blogger software.  Port used her blog to call model Liskula Cohen a skank.  Cohen then sued in order to find out who was behind the insult, and following a legal skirmish, a federal judge forced Google to hand over the relevant information.

That brings us to the $15 million lawsuit-in-the-making.  Port told George Rush, "Without any warning, I was put on a silver platter for the press to attack me.  I would think that a multi-billion dollar conglomerate would protect the rights of all its users."

And according to Port’s lawyer, Salvatore Strazzullo, Google "breached its fiduciary duty to protect her expectation of anonymity."  He also said, "I’m ready to take this all the way to the Supreme Court."

Either a win or a loss could have a significant impact on how anonymous bloggers operate.  We’ll keep an eye on the matter.