Will Google Eliminate the Need for Small Business Websites?

By: Chris Crum - October 2, 2009

Google has people riled up with its latest local search effort Google Place Pages. Place Pages are a Google Maps feature launched last week, which serve the purpose of providing everything you want to know about a place (a city or a business) in one spot. For example, if you search for a specific restaurant, you should get web pages, directions, reviews, images, street view imagery, business hours, etc. Google lets businesses submit specific categories they want to include.

There is concern from some that Google is trying to eliminate the need for users to leave Google and even visit a small business’ web site. WebProNews reader Doug Stewart, who wonders if this is an "assault against the small business website," commented, "Google wants people to spend more time on Google. Yahoo wants people to spend more time on Yahoo. Facebook wants people to spend more time on Facebook. Several of these large online "media" [companies] are doing everything in their power to keep the eyeballs on their website (unless you pay them for an outbound link)."

Do you think Google’s Place Pages are good or bad for business? Tell us what you think.

Google has always claimed to do everything with the user’s experience in mind. Unfortunately for SEOs and webmasters, however, it also could mean that people have less reason to go to their sites.

To me, this would really depend on the information that the searcher is hoping to acquire. It’s going to be about finding the right balance of useful information and providing an incentive to still go to your site (if that is your goal). The Place Pages would certainly bring a new element to the online reputation management table. You’re going to want to keep an eye on what’s showing up on your Place Page, and address the situation accordingly. They can include user-generated content.

Place Page for Burdick Chocolate Cafe

Another concern that has been voiced about Place Pages, is that Google could start ranking them in natural search results – outside of Google Maps. In fact, Erick Schonfeld points out that this is already occurring for at least the Burdick Chocolate Cafe (the example Google used when it announced the feature).

Place Page for Burdick Chocolate Cafe in Search Results

This could theoretically reduce clicks to actual sites, but again, this would just emphasize the need to manage your reputation on your Place Page. Your site is likely to be easily located from the Place Page anyway.

Blogger Eric Fredline says Google’s Place Pages are "designed for optimization," but that something is missing. "For one, Google would need local merchant’s to define some sort of ‘conversion event’.  This is conceptually as easy as defining a new ‘block type’ that will appear on the landing page and be optimized," he says. "For example, a restaurant might view a phone call or an Open Table registration as a conversion event.  If it’s a phone call, I imagine the merchant could be encouraged to use Google Voice to provide a closed loop analysis of the conversion event."

"Perhaps more likely than having individual merchants doing this (at least in all cases) would be a small army of SEO and SEM experts doing it on the businesses’ behalf – but within a closed looped system managed by Google," he adds. "Google could potentially create a whole new eco-system."

Place Pages sponsored adsAnother interesting factor of Google’s Place Pages is the fact that they have sponsored results on them. This could raise more concerns, such as competing ads showing up on a business’ place page. In Google’s chocolate Cafe example, the Page is showing ads for chocolate companies like Godiva and Ghirardelli.

There are a lot of questions about the Pages, and answers will likely come in due time. In fact, Google Place Pages will be discussed in more than one panel at next week’s Search Marketing Expo, which WebProNews will be attending. We should have more information on it then. 

The Place Pages come with their own structured URL. The example Google gives is http://maps.google.com/places/us/cambridge/brattle-st/52/-burdick-chocolate-cafe. You can see how it is structured by places/country/city/street/address/business name. Google discusses the feature here.

Google says that while not all businesses have a place page yet, they will soon. Businesses can update their info through Google’s Local Business Center.

What is your take on the role of Google’s Place Pages? Share your thoughts.

Chris Crum

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  • http://www.synergyconsultants.com Restaurant Consultants

    This will be interesting to see, how the importances for local restaurant to be searched organically. Especially if you specialize in restaurant design.

  • http://www.fightthebigboys.com Doug Stewart

    Google wants people to spend more time on Google. Yahoo wants people to spend more time on Yahoo. Facebook wants people to spend more time on Facebook. Several of these large online “media” concerns are doing everything in their power to keep the eyeballs on their website (unless you pay them for an outbound link). The internet landscape is moving once again.

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    I don’t think anybody will be hearing from me about this one…

    I don’t know about the rest of you… But Google is bloating up pretty fast…

    I think soon enough there will be University courses launched on how to use the search results…

  • http://marketingdifference.co.uk/blog Ian – Marketing Difference

    This looks like Google Local that been around for a while in the UK.

    I think this has come about because sometimes the relevance of results for particular searches with a place name attached is poor thanks to the efforts of the SEO guys from the directory businesses.

    Longer term Google will become an irrelevance as Facebook and Twitter will offer more relevant results based on recommendations.

    • Chris Crum

      That’s an interesting theory. I think FB/Twitter have a long way to go before that will happen. They certainly have their advantages for recommendations, but I see that as being more complimentary to Google search than replacing it.

      • http://www.aquarium-pond-answers.com/ Carl

        Although far from fan of the direction Google is heading (nor of Google

  • Zeke101

    Basically they are making money off of links on a page that is supposed to be for your Small Business without you opting in for adsense. what happened to “Do no Evil”?

  • http://www.pioutsource.com PI Outsource

    Natural search may become a thing of the past.

  • Guest

    I think that Google trying to increase the income of Adwords.

  • http://www.goforth-andy.com Andy

    This reminds me of the in flood of Supermarkets and the demise of the small local shops.
    Destruction of local communities etc.

  • Guest

    This is OK for retail establishments that operate at a fixed facility, but there are plenty of businesses, particularly services, that do not have a “store” for their customers. And many other companies exist solely on the web. I’ve created about 200 business and non-profit sites over the last 13 years, and at least a third of them don’t fit Google’s model. Are they going to be penalized or disenfranchised by this new feature?

  • Guest

    This article is asinine.

    It’s a sad day in WebProNews

    • http://www.freearticlesinc.com Guest

      The article is engaging and absolutly valid, what is “asinine” is posting such comments without explaining your thoughts.

      • http://www.freearticlesinc.com Guest

        O.K just noticed the “e” on my keyboard is sticking “Absolutely”

  • sofakingdabest

    What right does Google have to use a webisite’s content for the purposes of ranking a website? Google is making money from someone else’s content. Another thought – If I don’t want my website to be ranked on any search engine, are the SE’s allowed to rank me?

    • Stupidscript

      If you don’t want Google listing your site in their results:

      1) Use a robots.txt file that includes the following:

      User-agent: googlebot
      Disallow: /

      Place that in the “root” directory of your site … where your home page is kept, AND

      2) Include a robots META tag that includes the same information in all of your web page code, up in the section with your other META tags:

      Bingo. Google will not include your website in its results, cache or index. Period. Have fun!

      • Stupidscript

        META tag looks like this:

        meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow”

        with the pointy-brackets (> and <) at either end, just like the other META tags. Put it in the HEAD section of every page, where the other META tags are located.

  • Doc

    I think this is going to be a hard one to fight. My initial feeling is, “How DARE they?”, but the fact of the matter is, my presence in their SERPs does not belong to me. From a legal standpoint, I suspect that Google would be found to have the right to divert users to their Place Page, and I’d have nothing to say about it. Obviously, that doesn’t make it right, but not liking it doesn’t change that fact, either.

    Personally, I don’t like the direction that Google is moving in. It seems to be a classic case of ‘too big for their own britches.’

  • http://imulus.com George Morris

    Someone doing a LOCAL search is interested in the PHYSICAL location, not the virtual store or website.

    If Google’s efforts equate to increased visibility & sales for the small business then why does it really matter if the visitor goes to the business website or not? This model won’t work for sites which sell products ONLINE. Bottomline, this is a good move by Google.

  • http://www.barcelona-on-line.es Barcelona

    Google is getting too much into our lives, into our business, into everything. This is perfectly understandable from their point of view, but my personal feeling is that it’s power is getting so HUGE it is frightening me. They control or ARE search, they control books, they are your email, they are… what wil they stop at? Nothing. In the beginning, Google helped our business. Now they are on the border of it. One day not too far, they will swallow my market share and smash many a small company.

  • http://www.visualorange.com Doris

    Don’t know whatever happened to Google and what might be the cause that when I conduct searches I find web sites Under Construction on the first search result page or just one web page without any other pages or web sites with 2 lines of content.

    O.k,after reading this the explanation came to me why there is such a drastic quality decline in search results and also why I can find the same company with double content listed twice in Maps and companies that have NO web site at all – they simply have better things to do, like: owning the Internet, set the rules for web masters and programmers and online marketers and for all make money – lots of money! 😉

  • Guest

    Even though I have a Google account, this morning when I searched for my own company through Google, all of my competitor’s names came up to the top. My business was NOT listed.
    If this is the case, we must all keep on our toes to make sure our companies are listed through Google.

    In the future, Google may try to take advantage of companies. The one who pays the most gets noticed.

  • http://www.virtual-sidekick.com Ina Stanley

    While Place Pages sound like a good idea at first, I am worried about what they ultimately mean for the small business. It’s already hard enough to achieve first page placement, and then once you do you’re competing with all kinds of ads and other organic results. With Place Pages, you’re still competing, but on the one place in the search engines where your visibility should be guaranteed and unchallenged. I know Google is all about advertising first and foremost, but when do those without the budget for Adwords get a break?

  • http://blog.princeporter.com Porter

    I’m not sure what will become of this, I can see it two ways. First off, I can see this definitely making the small business’s websites completely useless, at the very least stop a lot of traffic that would otherwise visit the site. On the other hand, small business’s are often times local. That being said, the easier it is to get the information, the more likely they are to visit the place in person, or order from them. Picture someone on the road, they pull over to a free wifi area in town and search for a place to eat. They use Google maps and find a restaurant right there, hours and all. They don’t visit the site, they don’t get lost on the poorly designed website (many business’s have horrible sites), they simply see the information on Google maps and go, done. I’ve looked at restaurants online and couldn’t find my way around, so I simply dropped them. Google organizing it better could actually increase some sales.

  • Anonymous

    as long as google places offers a direct link to the actual business website this would probably help. if they don’t and are really trying to replace the need for small business to have a website – then I believe this is in line with what our government is trying to do; introduce socialism and monopoly where they control everything. and I would then say that this country should remain as it always has been – where we have freedom of choice – where small business can thrive and where competition is a good thing. what google would then be doing could potentially a lot of hard working people out of business. its one thing for facebook to have an online community for people to be social and waste time, etc. but when is enough enough?

    • Guest
  • Guest

    This is not new, it has been in place for at least 6 months, I regularly use Google maps for Business and it has been there for a long time..

  • http://www.carehomemarketingexpert.com CareHomeMarketingExpert

    Looks like Google is trying to take over the world! From a small local business point of view this is just one of many ways you should be using to attract new customers. If it works great. It doesn’t really matter how the customer finds your business just so long as they do and they buy from you.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/twt2us Terry White

    I just wonder the effect this will have on a local business search results.With place pages the possibility of your local business ending up in a contextual network ad could very well increase your business visibility.It’ll be interesting to see how they use place pages to help market your business.

  • Aztec Digital | Mayan Studios

    Despite the current trends in the Internet/Search Engine/Social Media landscape, Google, much like Microsoft, is attempting to run as borderline on monopolizing a market as possible, without actually doing it. It wasn’t until recent years that PC manufacturers (like Dell, Gateway, Toshiba, etc.) made it a visible option, and started offering alternatives (such as Linux) to Windows OS upon purchasing a PC or Notebook. Much the same concept, Google has infiltrated so many markets aside from just Internet Search (telecommunications?? really??). Now granted, Google is a great search provider, and many of their other services are more then valuable in our industry.

    The issue that can be apparently exploited with this approach from Google is it will affect a great number of things. Google launches this system, which in turn could reduce the need for independent small business websites, which results in a reduction of available prospects and clients for marketing firms to generate revenue. As less businesses are requiring web services, SEO, etc., these smaller firms close their doors because they either can no longer survive in the market because there’s no money to be made or they can not longer compete, which places many developers, designers, sales, administrative, etc. employees out of work. This ultimately, would just add to the current economical mayhem currently presented in the US. All, courtesy of Google’s need to enhance the “user experience”.

    Here’s the logical thought. Consumers… people like variety. They like being able to look at a few different things and finding what sets who apart from the other. I personally, would want to see a small businesses website, because the quality of their site also explains something more about their business, as to how much they are willing to invest in their web marketing, which explains a small piece of their financial status, which in turn tells the user “hey, they care about their presence, how they’re perceived, and really actively try to market… they’ve invested a lot. They’re probably worth looking into.”

  • http://www.CPASiteSolutions.com/ Brian O’Connell

    Well… it does make my job harder but Google is doing exactly what they are supposed to do. They are improving their user experience. If I were in their shoes I’d do exactly the same thing.

    As for their pages replacing organic listings I find it unlikely that they’ll offer them any advantage over your regular site. They’re always a heartbeat away from an anti-trust suit and they know it. If their pages are beating out your money site I suspect part of the problem is your money site is under-optimized.

    • Guest

      Good point. Most people would do the same thing. It is all about the money and bottom line for the stock holders after all. Screw the small fry. Free enterprise means the elite fat cats should be able to buy anything they want and set up off shore bank accounts to avoid paying taxes.

      As for the organic listings who needs to go more in depth. People are naturally lazy unless they are researching. Give me some basic information and a phone number any day. Who needs to do all that reading? It

  • Guest


  • DZ

    This is bad for people for me who specialize in designing and building sites for small business. For Christmas sake, leave us alone Google. You’re big enough!

    In hearing this latest news I have decided to discontinue using all of Google’s services and will urge my friends to do the same.

    • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

      Anybody else get the feeling were being A/B split test?

      I can just imagine this same post under a slightly different numerical address where there are even more people saying this is the best thing to ever happen to them since sliced bread!

      • Guest


    • Guest

      “Vote with yout feet!” Get out while you can. We, the people, have empowered Google to be the organization that they have evolved into. Like the Wally world, There is always a Target out there to humble the arrogance.

  • http://www.alanya-site.com Bryan Quinn

    Do no Evil -> Make more Money
    Time for a name change!

    Google -> $oo$le

  • Julio Cesar

    Hey people let

  • Julio Cesar

    I agree, Siskiyou!

  • http://www.thermcoat.com Guest

    Google would do best for itself to realize it drives searches because unorthodox ideas have in the past not had significant support from 3rd parties to get established. Any small business is in its essence just an effort expended to get established. Then its a struggle to stay that way. Googling up the location of the local franchises is not what a site like Google should define as a goal for itself, because it is a form of narrow mission definition and the history of small, medium and large businesses is full of it – punn intended.

  • http://www.melchinger.com John

    Grump all you want, but this raises the bar for competition and benefits everyone. Why not discover the good and the bad about a business before you decide to try it. You can choose to go or stay away, and that is choice. Will you give in to what others say or go have your own experience? That’s choice, and choice is the soul of competition. The new change is more choice from more and better organized information, which is really intelligence. Don’t you want to make better informed decisions?

    Google makes money, sure, but they are an enterprise. Profit is the soul criterion of enterprise. Google seems pretty good at it, so far. A small business will profit or eventually fold for negative ROI. That’s the game of life in a neo-capitalist society. Google is simply assembling more information in one search result than the next guys. Now it’s easier for small business to research the competition and to learn where they need to be innovative themselves. Differentiation makes marketing work better. More profits for the little guy. How is any of this bad?

    …and more truth will set you freer.

    • Guest

      Google makes money, sure, but they are an enterprise. Profit is the soul criterion of enterprise. Google seems pretty good at it, so far. A small business will profit or eventually fold for negative ROI. That’s the game of life in a neo-capitalist society.

  • cybernist

    I’m not sure what will become of this. We feel confident in our product and services:www.yes995.com. Let’s compete!

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

    Big deal… Go and wiki page… link to a google map…

    Google has got to have one of the ugliest brand names I have ever seen… Talk about monoculture…

    I’m going to go and do laundry now… I have about 15 pairs of white jump suits to clean… after that I’m going to the on the Google SkyWay and ride my GoogleFlyingCar to the GooglePlex and ask the GoogleElders for some GoogleReligion.

    • http://www.sitebyjames.com James

      And yes… both my white jumpsuits have google logos on them and my small business is actually a franchise of original GooglePlex cafeteria… We have massage studio next to the live lobster tanks…

  • http://www.4350.net Guest

    While its about the dollars – those with the dollars will rule.
    It’s about providing a service – Google has done exceptionally well here, but they don’t and can’t own the internet.
    I am constantly amazed at the Google phenomenom and how people give Google power to tell them how many visitors thay have and so on, which is not the whole story…


  • Guest

    There are 2 things going on here.

    1 Google wants to eat up the competition.
    2. Google wants to provide good content.

    Google is doing both. Here is how it works. — The content out on the internet is bad. It’s pretty good really and in some cases better than Google. However, no matter how good your content you now need to bow to the Google god. While you are bowing it’s looking down the back of your shirt and seeing your content. Then that content appears on Google as if by magic somehow and viola you are redundant and did I mention out of work?

    The unemployment rate for those getting unemployment is an average of 10%. Add those who can’t get it anymore and that brings it up to 20%. Google mania can easily bring it up to 30% or 40%. Their foreign staff, needs the work. And guess what, they only need 1 dollar to every 5 that Americans need to live. Where do you think this is headed?

  • http://www.pattayabridge.com Terry Quested

    I have my own website for three main reasons:
    1) To inform people interested in visiting our club of location, times etc.
    2) To give information about the game of bridge
    3) To sell bridge books and other products.

    I see nothing wrong with what google is doing, it just means that 1) above is not so important but has little effect on 2) and 3) as if people want bridge information or to purchase something then they will not go to google places.

  • http://www.pattaya-discovery.com CHRIS

    At first sight Google might thinks is a good idea if people doesn’t leave their website, but who gonna click on their advertising in that case? Noboby, then if websurfers don’t click, Google have to get money somewhere, then they will end up asking restaurants and other places to pay an annual fee to be registered with them. The good idea gonna end up shit idea in the end.

  • http://www.tag44.com Tag44

    Thanks for the info and for sharing such resourceful post here.

  • http://www.promocioweb.com Promocioweb

    Great subject to share, thanks for the thinking. Despite Google may be leading some market tendencies and SEO professional methods & strategies everyone out there has “all the power in hands” for doing “whatever” on his/her website. I read about conspiracy & monopoly cons, about Google pros, I think we all think a balance is the most desirable stage.
    Will a Google bubble explode as a parallelism with the global economy picture? Time only knows! May be Google as well…

  • http://www.articad.cc Richard Turner

    Although this will not affect my company directly, we have thouusands of sball clients who do not have a website, they would like one, but do not know where to start. As a service to help B2C sales, I see this a as good thing. Most small local businesses for which this service is set to help, need all the help they can get. This will be an easy way to put themselves on the map ( pardon the pun).

    Of course Small businesses will still need websites, those that have them, want to put across their own messages, will still need to do so., However thouse who do not have any web pressence , this will be a great way for them to start.

  • http://faqbay.com/ Faqs

    Google is looking for more content to keep visitors browsing their content. For example knol.google.com. What their aim is, is to limit AdSense partners expenditure and generate more income from the content THEIR own.

  • Guest

    I think the truth is this…

    Google’s plan

    1. Get rid of the annoying small web sites.
    2. Next, take over big rivals.
    3. Take over all businesses.
    3. Slowly work our way into every country.
    4. Next, slowly decrease the workforce to none, all computer run.
    5. Give everyone who is now out of work a free computer and broadband, so they can search Google of course, as nothing else will exist.
    6. Finally, put up the new signs at all ports, airports, which reflects their existing software.


    I think their existing software was just a subtle conditioning for our future.

    Earth – No one works here now, we all sit at home searching Google, on our Google computer, via our Google broadband.

    Oh, one other thing, you can only rent houses now, also all water, electric, gas, telephone, car, petrol, food, petrol, you name it, is all supplied by Google, in fact, I have the Google Tattoo on my %&*$ to prove residency :o)

    They want the shop next door’s business.
    The high street’s business.
    The big corporates business.

    The plan is flawed of course, as a viable business cannot just trade internally?

    Could this the next classic Walmart type story, but on a much larger scale? Sam Walton opened up big stores in small towns which big department stores ignored, and cleaned up. He closed down most of the high street, and he kindly employed those that he put out of business, to collect the trolleys, work at the till, or in the warehouse…

    I would love to hear others points of view…

    • http://www.herbfirestoneseo.com Herb Firestone

      Predicting the end of small business websites to be caused by Google Place is probably just a bit premature. Google’s Place Pages will be both good and bad at the same time for small business websites. They will certainly be good for the local small business sites they include, but not so good for the ones they don’t.

      In the meantime does anyone even know what a so-called place is at this point? For example, is a place an address with multiple businesses, a city, a street, a neighborhood, a section of town, or just one single business?

      I think much more of a threat to small business websites is the resurfacing of Google Base with a new name, Google Merchant Center. This one has much more potential to replace small business websites because it’s set up for business owners to submit individual products. Sounds more like a potential website replacement to me than Google Place.

  • http://www.vicktrade.com fania

    Google for us, it is good, too.
    Like the business field like ours, we need more clients who will search wholesalers on the serch engine. So I have to say, actually, google did bring many clients for us.
    Also for personal uses, I also google the things I am intersted it or things I want to figure out.
    So that is just what I think.

  • http://www.astuterecorder.com Judy

    Gosh I don’t know. On one hand the Place Pages sound like they’ll be the Wikipedia of small businesses, where people can get at-a-glance information about a certain business. But the core source will always always be the most reliable forum of information–in this case, the actual site owned by the business.

    I don’t see anywhere in the article that Google is trying to eliminate small-business pages–just that they are leveraging every avenue possible to compete with social-networking sites that keep small business owners attached (aka Facebook, Ning, et al.).

    I agree somewhat with the above comment–there appears to be a Web monopolization that is Google. But I don’t think Google will be anywhere near a threat to the business of Web developers who create small-business sites. It’s the developers driving down market rates by taking on crappy gigs off of Craigslist who are doing that for us.


    My sales are strictly on-line so I don’t care much one way or the other: http://DonsCycleWare.com

    If I had a brick and mortar store I would jump on this in a heart-beat. Try putting this much info out via the Yellow Pages and see how much it would cost!


    • http://propagate.com.ar Juan Cattaneo

      I think that a lot of “small business online” could die… in any time. A website with a complex
      structure and/or with a real support for the users and/or with a strong programming/databases etc, will allways be online, it allways be independent and probably it will keep its position in search engines or web directories, paying a coin or not. Websites
      “made in a weekend by the nephew of the boss” has the same function that “Google Place”, with 1 or
      2 pages of difference. That’s the sad truth.
      In the same way, a big amount of websites business of “unnecessary and improvised” intermediaries will die too, of course!, when “Google Place” be more popular.
      Probably Google has a big “machiavellian” plan (as someone said by here) but I don’t think that this company will transform in the GOD of the Internet. At least not before I die.
      Have a nice day!

  • Yebalnik

    Google is the big-bully on the block. Search Engine Optimization is a farce! Big Businesses pay Google for preferential treatment, such as Macy’s! Get rich quick internet schemes, are just that – schemes. How do you compete, as a website, if there are way too many sites, in the same business as you? Often, there are multiple millions of sites competing! Pay the Search Engine People – that’s a no-brainer! Forget about top-ten ranking, unless you have deep pockets! Don’t let the Search Engine companies fool you!

  • http://www.agayomato.com acne

    Google is getting so gigantic and can resuscitate or kill your web presence…It is indirectly speaking GOD of the INTERNET. Isn’t it scary? It’s just like me looking at the mirror asking ‘Mirror mirror on the internet, where art thou? I can’t see myself!”. Is it time for us to beg?

  • http://omikronmedia.com/about-us Mike

    I don’t really think this is such a bad thing, if anything it allows more exposure for your business and a free link to your website.

    • http://chocolatedownunder.com.au CHOCOLATE DOWNUNDER

      I think everything Google does is with the interest of its customers and love google very much.

      We make sure we keep uptodate with all articles and implement their recommendations.

      And so far it has been fantastic and getting exposure is what we all want.

      Australian Macadamia Chocolates
      World Wide Delivery

  • http://www.carlosx360.com CarlosX360

    As long as Google allows for a link to your website, I don’t see too much a problem. BUT this may take hits away from small businesses. Which is a bummer.

    Small businesses create websites to direct them to the right place, not the wrong place.

    • http://organicbabe.com.au Organic Babe and Kids Wear

      Organic Babe and Kids Wear sees this not as a problem.

      I think we all recognise that as long as we are getting the support from Google with small business then we dont have too much to worry about.

      Organic Babe and Kids Wear is a gorgeous organic baby clothes on line store and relies on Google
      for its savy and recommendations to help small businesses.

      http://www.organicbabe.com.au – world wide delivery

  • http://www.tolafamakinwa.net Tola F

    I’m of the opinion its gonna help businesses, in a way. But yes, its gonna help the users first, before the businesses. Its definitely gonna help narrow the user’s search but the fact still remains you can’t advertise everything on Google Place Pages.
    The users will still come to the business site, but yes there would need to be more incentive for that and it also depends on what your selling. Another thing businesses could do would be to get special telephone lines which appears only on Google, that at least would help to track the conversion rates and the amount of traffic coming from the Place pages.
    When its all said and done, its definitely a two way street. The business sites will definitely have to make promos on their sites though…

  • http://increasetargetedtraffictoyourwebsite.that-is-simple.com/IncreaseTargetedTraffictoYourWebsite/ Yevgeniy

    Well Google is right again. I mean of course for a person who is looking for a information, after pressing search button will be more then happy to see not only ads or just a discriptions from a webpages but also pictures or even directions on a map how to get to right place and where it is.

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    I think that it will benefit certain businesses and those businesses will be happy about the results. Since there are many different kinds of business, Google will probably try it best to accommodate all of them but I don’t see how.

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    I’m a small website owner. I have http://www.secrtreasures99.com a large variety of product store. But I don’t have a physical store. I’ve tried to sign up with their local pages. I’ve been told that I need a physical address. I live in a rural area and don’t carry all of my products. If so, I would have to have a building as large as Wal Marts. I’m disabled and a senior, just trying to help make a little extra for my family. But things that don’t allow everyone to sign up if they can afford it, is not fair. It shoves the websites out that could use a helping hand instead. I’ve been on Google for years now and still can’t get my website past a 1pr. I’ve spents hundreds of dollars trying to get the ranking up. Still no where. I’ve tried Adsense, Adwords, local pages, Google Base, etc. and now there’s this new page. They won’t allow my site to be there either. So, as far as I’m concerned, only the big guys who can afford it, get the breaks again.