Google Experiments With Result Removal

    September 23, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Google launched an experiment today allowing some Googlites to modify their personal search results so that certain sites are blocked from personal SERPs. Full adoption depends on whether or not users like it.

Matt Cutts has the lowdown on his blog about the project, developed out of Google’s Manhattan office.

The feature is a user-interface experiment for Personal Search users. If users want to block a “spammy” site, for example, the experiment allows them to block all instances of that site from the results page.

Clicking the “Remove result” link allows that luxury in one of three forms: removing the page from that particular search query; removing the page from all searches; or the all-powerful removing all pages from the entire host.

Interested users can try out the new feature through their Google account by signing up for My Search History/Personalized Search.

Cutts says its too early to say if the experiment will launch as beta.