Google Expanding Print Ads To Britain

    January 1, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Google’s AdWords clients across the big pond will have the chance to bid on placement in newspapers.

Unlike Google’s venture into magazine publication ad auctions, the newspaper version called Google Print Ads has found a following in the United States. Google will try this next in Britain.

The Times Online said Google has been chatting with several newspapers in Britain about expanding Print Ads to their pages. Clients will offer to pay for a given space in a newspaper, and the paper can choose to accept, counter, or reject the offer.

Despite the potential for opening print ads to smaller businesses that might fill space a paper may otherwise fill with less profitable placements, the publishing industry likely views Google with caution bordering on sheer terror. In the UK, the Times Online said Google rates higher in ad revenue than some media outlets already.

Google’s effect on the publishing industry, and in search and advertising, might have been summarized already by Jeff Jarvis. He blogged several fun facts about Google’s size and impact, titling the summary, “Google is God.”

That won’t sit well with British publishers, and didn’t impress Donna Bogatin, who ripped Jarvis’ assessment, as well as calling Google a “ruthless” corporation with an “unholy mission.”

UK publishers, have fun with the negotiations.