Google Customer Feedback Form for Ranking WebSites

    December 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

As I was doing my regular (track orders) reports I’ve clicked through a URL to see our company’s Order Thank you page (the one customers see when they hit SUBMIT at the end of their order process).

To my surprise what I saw was a little visual line of text on the bottom of the page that said “Google Sitestats – Send feedback”.

Now I am already very much concerned as Google just modified the page that our customers see. What they are doing is, they are now interacting with OUR customers who have just placed their trust in us and gave us all their personal information like the credit card and address info. As you assume I did click on the link and here is where I ended up.

Interesting right? I wish I got a “memo” on that. To my knowledge Google did not notify us about this thing. Anyway It seems that what Google wants to gather here is a simple rating 1 through 5 and maybe a few lines of personal comments from shoppers. If you look closely, you’ll notice that I circled the line that says “Google services to use my rating feedback”.

Can we start guessing that Google might implement a feedback rating indicator near the paid ads? Can we speculate that Google will use this data as one of the elements in their algorithm for paid search as well as organic? Maybe Google just wants to monitor “negative feedback” from people.

P.S. We do use Google analytics and we did place the “conversion tracking code” on the order “thank you page”.


Rustybrick pointed out that Google has been doing this selectively for sometime now. Here are a few reference links he mentioned.

How to opt out of Google Site stats feedback form.

Why is Google collecting user feedback.



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