Google Custom Search – All NoFollow

    July 26, 2007

Google prevents indexing of Google Custom Search blog informs Rusty Brick. The code includes:

At a forum at Digital point forum discussing the topic Jaybong writes:

“The older blogger version used to add "noindex,nofollow" by default to the template, i meant the default template. If you continue using that there your site is not indexed and followed by google bot. That blog is continuing to use that template and they didnt remove the code. Does that explain now? i hope so. Why google is doing this? Simple google doesnt want to pass any special PR juice to other website coz it will then be against the fair policy. Anyone featured on google will automatically get the PR. If you know some Pr 10 sites have PR disabled, means they cant transfer any PR e.g statcounter. Hope that helps everyone in understanding why google doesnt like to pass any PR juice from their own blogs."