Google Calls Upon Users to Expand Webmaster Central Channel

    August 7, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel has provided countless valuable videos for webmasters and search engine marketers. They often come from Google’ Matt Cutts who has uploaded numerous videos in which he answers user questions.

Cutts isn’t the only one that can provide useful content though, and Google knows this. The company is now calling upon users to submit their own videos for possible inclusion on the Webmaster Central YouTube Channel.

The guidelines Google offers up for this initiative are as follows:

– Keep the video short; 3-5 minutes is ideal. Think small: a short video is a good way to showcase your use of – for example – Top Search Queries, but not long enough to highlight your whole SEO strategy.

– Focus on a real-life example of how you used a particular feature. For example, you could show how you used link data to research your brand, or crawl errors to diagnose problems with your site structure. Do you have a great tip or recommendation?

– Upload your video before September 30.

– White hats are recommended. They show up better on screen.

This is not the first time Google has called upon users to help expand its useful YouTube content library. In fact, YouTube itself asked users to submit YouTube help videos for inclusion in its help center. The idea was to make the help center more community driven and interesting to users.

Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel is already a great resource for tips and advice. This initiative should only increase the value of that resource. Users getting tips from other users will make it feel like they’re not just getting advice from the company itself, but they can rest assured that the advice given is approved by Google or it wouldn’t be there.

To submit videos, go to the help center and submit it through the Help Center gadget. There is a full list of guidelines that goes beyond the short version listed above.