Google Makes Risky AdSense For Domains Expansion

Revenue vs. respectability

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Here’s the good news: Google’s found another way to raise some money.  Here’s the bad: its behavior is raising a few eyebrows.  The search engine giant has achieved both these things by extending AdSense for domains to more publishers.

AdSense for domains allows publishers and Google to monetize undeveloped pages; ads, links, and search results all get displayed.  Due to the new development, English-language developers throughout North America will get their shot at using the product.  Additional expansions should bring a lot more people into the fold soon enough.

A post on the Inside AdSense blog also states, "To ensure positive user experience and the quality of our network, these sites are monitored for policy compliance and prohibited from using text and images designed to confuse users."

Google Adsense

But Barry Schwartz writes, "You have to understand that AdSense for Domains, formerly known as Domain Park, is a product that has always been extremely controversial in the ad space market.  Since 2005 and likely before then, Danny Sullivan has called for major reform of the product, because it delivered poor quality traffic . . . .  Not only that, we have reported lawsuit after lawsuit over the product and even with the reformed opt out feature, it still has resulted in more lawsuits."

Google may be getting to the point where it’s pushing too hard for profits.  If the company has to cross a lot of lines in order to hit financial forecasts, shareholders will have less to celebrate.  If it still misses after making questionable decisions, silver linings will be hard to find indeed.

Google Makes Risky AdSense For Domains Expansion
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  • http://www.squidoo.com/why-does-my-computer-freeze-up James

    To me this is a sign that Google is trying very hard to maintain revenue streams. They have already taken a bunch of cost cutting measures, clearly things are slowing down for them.

  • http://k12tshirts.myshopify.com Mark

    Google goes above and beyond the call of duty to be fair, our business has always had better results through them

  • http://www.mandyscelebrityshoes.com/ Rob

    I go to great lengths to post frequently on my blogs in order to get the traffic necessary for revenue. Parked domains are both a nuisance and unfair to the rest of us who spend our time writing and producing websites that deliver something besides Google Ads.

  • http://sape.co.ua/ SaPe

    It’s still unavail 4 me. ((

    Havin nearly hubdred domains in a national zones, I can’t join Domain Park.
    Well, actually I can, thru godaddy program, but they want a part of income. suck.

  • http://www.flightschoollist.com Jack

    I would not mind making a few extra bucks from adsense for domains. I have alot of domains that I still havent developed.

  • http://pbarnhart.wordpress.com Phil Barnhart

    I’ve set up a dozen domains for test I plan on running for a few months – we’ll see if its worthwhile. I will keep a running update on clicks and revenue on http://pbarnhart.wordpress.com/testing-adsense-for-domains/

  • http://www.worldpropertytrader.com Max Cash

    Greedy Google?

    I had three Adsense accounts with 5,000 domains recently cancelled, reason being violation of the Adsense Guidelines. The 5,000 domains were different real estate listing sites , each one with different real estate listings content for different cities and countries.

    One never knows but, I am guessing Google felt the content was too similar for the 5000 domains. I am wondering what the heck Google is doing? Adsense for Domains sounds like a violation of the adsense guidelines to me.

    Google is like a 800 pound gorilla, it can do anything it wants. But, what do you think, is this type of behavior grounds for a class action lawsuit?


  • http://www.zorigo.com Chris

    A good move as long as Google is careful to make it more enticing to develop domains rather than park them. There are currently a lot of parking companies that employ questionable practices. This should close those down in a hurry.

  • http://www.portalmaonaroda.com.br/home/how cota


  • Andy

    Adsense for domains has been around forever, but it says nothing here about what is being changed to make it more broadly available. Can someone please explain?

  • http://seokarachi.blogspot.com/ SEO KARACHI

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  • http://www.seovisions.com SEO Company

    I think this flies right in the face of Google advertising platform which is about giving quality advertisers quality pages to advertise.

    There is no possible way that an undeveloped domain can ever provide the quality environment that an advertiser would want. Further, this is rather hypocritical of Google, having axed so many so called ‘spammy’ domains for having repetitive content, when these domains in fact have no content whatsoever.

  • http://www.webmarketingnet.com Web Marketing Network

    AdSense for domains is now available internationally, more publishers around the world will be able to earn some extra bucks.

    The policy is very clear referring to trademarks, Max Cash should have read it before using AdSense for Domains.

  • http://www.tipsopedia.com NG

    I think Adsense for Domains is good for those who have no choice but to park with SEDO, Parked.com etc. and loose a revenue share if their domains getting a lot of traffic. http://www.tipsopedia.com/2009/02/21/domain-parking-with-google-adsense-for-domains.

    Regarding the risky move of Google, it must be thought by Google Team that how risky the move is ?

    IMO, for Domainers it is good while for advertisers it is somewhat problematic.

  • http://junpak.org Jennifer Mark

    I’m 100% agree with James..

  • http://bookmarking-service.com/ Social Bookmarking Service

    I can’t really call it a wise step, but still for the perspective of webmaster parking their domain with other services its going to be another chance to increase revenue.

  • http://www.earningresources.com Kara

    Today I found that I can use Adsense for Domains from my Adsense account.

    I have a domain which I have registered but have not been using it so far.

    So what do I need to do with it? Do I have to park it and then apply for Adsense for Domains program or can I just change the nameservers and it would be okay.

    Reading the comments here I feel that I will have little chance because I have only one domain while Google needs plenty even then more information on this subject will be helpful.


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