Google Announces Largest Website Optimizer Test Results

    August 12, 2009

The largest website optimizer test to date was revealed which included tens of millions of pageviews. At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose Google’s Website Optimizer Product Manager Eva Woo talked about the test and its results:

"The test was done on YouTube in an effort to increase sign-ins and sign-ups. This was an important test of whether we can increase the number visitors that register when they visit. We tested 3 different parts of the YouTube index page. We tested the signup box, top banner and the right column box. We found that many of our tests performed better than the original. We altered the YouTube homepage based on these results. The bottom line is that these small tweaks increased signups by 15.7%!"

Website Optimizer is a free tool that every webmaster can use to dramatically increase conversions by tweaking web design and editorial to see what works. For example, if you are seeking more email newsletter subscribers you can test various statements above the signup box and see which work best. Each page in a site or each template within a site can be tested to improve action goals that you have for each visitor.

I personally have found that Website Optimize can radically increase conversion rates.

For more information on Google’s Website Optimizer visit: