Google Analytics: Not Entirely Dead

    July 31, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Reporting delays in the Google Analytics service have slowly begun to fade as data again flows into accounts.

Google Analytics: Not Entirely Dead
Google Analytics: Not Entirely Dead

No one will lose any reporting data from the abrupt delay that began on July 28th. Google’s Jeff Gillis said on the Google Analytics blog that accounts had accurate reporting through Saturday night.

They continued to collect analytics data as normal, and promised to update reports after Google worked through the problem.

The latest post by Gillis indicated the reporting data has started to reach customer accounts again:

As of 5pm PST this evening (July 30), some users will start to see part or all of the data from the period between Saturday and now appear in reports. We expect updates for all accounts to continue through Monday night into tomorrow and will update this blog when reporting is fully restored.

Google Analytics had an infamous launch, back in November 2005. A crush of eager people flattened the service formerly known as Urchin, forcing Google to shut down applications and limit those to a trickle once it reopened.

The inauspicious debut seemed to have an impact on future Google product releases, as they mimicked the controlled signup process with Writely, which became part of Google Docs.