Google Affiliate Network Publishers Get Paid Through AdSense

    August 13, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google announced that Google Affiliate Network publisher payments will now be made through AdSense starting today. Google says this will offer publishers a wider range of payment options.

"Publishers can also manage their payment information in new ways and enjoy consolidated payments from Google if they use other Google products," says Product Manager Sheila Parker.

The primary user of a Google Affiliate Network publisher account will see an account notification asking them to create an AdSense account or link to an existing account.

Google Affiliate Network

If an account is linked before midnight (eastern time) on September 21, the account will receive payments through AdSense for July and August earnings. This depends on relevant advertiser payment terms. Publishers should create or link their AdSense account as soon as possible to prevent delays in Affiliate Network payments, the company says.

Earnings from before July will still be made through the existing Google Affiliate Network payment system. Updates for the

Google Affiliate Network can be founder on the blog and the Twitter account.