Goodbye to Findory

    October 16, 2007

I missed the news over my vacation that Greg Linden was shutting down Findory on November 1, just 15 days away.

After that, my favorite startup and news source will be no more, and to say that’s a shame would be an understatement. Greg took the work he pioneered on personalization at Amazon and brought it to news, and the results were effective and useful, becoming a large part of my news discovery for the last several years.

Findory will be greatly missed by its fans, especially since there is nothing out there that can deliver as well as Findory did. I’ve read 3,362 articles through Findory, each one going a little towards making the service better for me, and without Findory, the web is a little less useful. Thank you, Greg, for delivering for the users the last four years. We’ll miss Findory.

Hopefully, whatever comes next for Greg will be even more exciting, and this time it’ll hit that magical combo that brings success. Good luck.