Goodbye iTunes, Hello Yahoo! Music Engine

    September 7, 2005

A few weeks ago I wrote about My Recent Switches and said: From iTunes to Yahoo! Music Unlimited.

I’m totally addicted to subscriptions. Paying $6 a month and getting nearly everything I want kicks ass. I sold the iPod last week but still have the Shuffle. Yahoo! wins.

Well, I’m still loving it. So I decided to say a bit more about this. Yahoo! Music Engine (YME) has a killer feature that I suspect a lot of folks never noticed: synchronized music collections.

It’s like this. I have a Yahoo-issued laptop that I use at work and quite a bit at home. But I also have a really nice Dell PC as my home desktop. Both have YME installed. If I add five Meat Loaf tracks to my collection on the laptop, they’re automatically downloaded to my desktop PC next time I start YME on it. Of course, it works in both directions.

As the number of intelligent devices we own grows, synchronization (and replication) is going to become more and more important. This sounds like a little “nice to have” feature, but for anyone who listens to music a lot and has more than one computer, it’s a big time saver.

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