Gmail Stickers – Fun, Branding, Or A Little of Both?

Maybe Yahoo Should Give Out Yahoo Search Stickers

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Google has decided it would be a good idea to give away Gmail stickers. Some might ask "Why would I want Gmail stickers?" But others are certainly enthused about the idea. You can simply browse the comments on a site like GeekSugar to get that impression.

Gmail Stickers

But seriously, why is Google giving away Gmail stickers? Well, "Not too long ago, one of the Gmail engineers broke out her vinyl cutter and made some Gmail m-velope stickers," explains Gmail Product Marketing Manager Arielle Reinstein. "Pretty soon, they were pasted to our desks, stuck on our laptops, and adorning the walls around the office. Then other people started asking us about them — first it was just other Googlers. But when a guy I was sitting next to on an airplane asked where he could get a Gmail sticker, we realized other people might like them too."

Gmail Stickers

Well, that’s awful nice of them, but I would have to venture a guess and say they might be interested in the branding element of these stickers as well. Last I checked, Gmail was far below Yahoo Mail in terms of popularity, in one of the few areas where Yahoo actually has the advantage over them.

Perhaps this is a minor attempt to gain a little more awareness. To some of us, it seems like Gmail is so huge, there can’t possibly be people that aren’t aware of it, but trust me, there are. Although, the word Google appears to be absent from all of the stickers, so perhaps it is possible that branding isn’t much of a motivator for the stickers. But stickers are still a good branding tool either way.

Despite the reasons Google may or may not have for giving away Gmail stickers, the fact remains that they are available. To get your set of Gmail stickers, simply send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Send me some Gmail stickers already
P.O. Box 391420
Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

They make it a point to say that your contact information won’t be maintained in anyway as a result of this, so you can rule out direct mail marketing as a reason.

Gmail Stickers – Fun, Branding, Or A Little of Both?
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  • http://www.dogarthritiscare.com/deramaxx.php deramaxx

    Well it’s great for Google to consider venturing into other fields other than internet.This will be a hit to the public especially Kids as they love stickers to play with.I guess this will further raise Google’s image in the face of the public.Wish it was international not just US..

  • http://www.freewebs.com/micropaymentphotography Todd

    I mean, this is a cool marketing piece for google – I wouldn’t mind the M sticker, but there’s no way I’m defiling my keyboard by sticking keyboard shortcuts all over the keys. How old are the googlers that are actually going to use these key stickers, 13? That’s about the age when you start to realize putting stickers all over everything is retarded.

    • http://www.cannabis.eu.com FaTe

      lol well said its exactly the point they will rely on all masses of teenagers to spread the sticky freebie`s everywhere to achieve free advertising regardless if everyone else wants to look at them or not 😛 Free stickers ok but it all seems a bit desperate to me

  • http://www.medlawplus.com Joe

    Back in the early days of the internet, we used to get all sorts of free stuff from the internet companies. I still have an AOL t-shirt they gave me simply for posting a business idea to one of their boards (which they never used) and goto.com gave me a baseball cap. I never could warm to the name “overture” BTW.

    Stickers are a heck of a lot cheaper to produce and mail than baseball caps or t-shirts. Rather than ask “why”, I think the better question is “why not”. Makes tons of sense … free promotion. Hey Google, get with the program and give gmail folders. It drives me crazy having my inbox littered with all my mail. Labels are a poor substitute.

  • http://craftsitepromotion.com imhar

    Great news, Google still care with conventional mail like they said, “…but this time we’re going old school with snail mail”. Does Google make an ease ways to Asian people like me?

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    Google are slipping. stickers are great for publicity offline. what I suggest they do is send out a pack of them to every one of their account customers with the next bill or payment check..

    This piece of advise is free! why free? because there is no way I am going to get any money for it without a 10 page contract which would have to have been signed before I gave the suggestion(grin).

    On the same point this reminds me of a true story.In the 1930’s an engineer found a way to save a large match company 30% of production costs. It was so simple that if he told the company they would say thank you & he would get nothing.(the same apply’s today even more so, Industry must loose a fortune because of this) after a lot of negotiating his lawyer was able to get the company to sign a contract giving him 10% of the savings they would make in the next year if they used his idea (without knowing what it was at this time) valid for 10 years from date of signing so it could not be used in a year or twos time without paying him.

    He went to the board meeting and explained his simple idea. All they had to do was to remove the striker strip from one side of the match box instead of having it on both! Had he not had the contract his idea would have been used & he would have got nothing. must be many people out there with ideas they cannot tell anybody for this reason. I have myself a couple of things that would help prevent credit card fraud (came to me a few years ago while watching tv crime show) & one that would expose a major flaw in some uk high street banks security but cant save them millions without making nothing myself!

    I tried to approach people in the security industry about this a few years ago but as this is the uk like talking to a brick wall,back to the original problem they are not interested in these things unless you tell them what it is which would enable them to use the idea free of charge. patenting in these cases would be no good as would have to be world wide at a cost of thousands or the banks would use in a country that you missed out of the patent. or find away around it.

    I am an electronics design eng by profession.

  • http://www.media2017.com MEDIA 2017

    Ooh we love stickers! Now if I could only find them stamps. How much is postage these days anyways?

  • http://www.omemedia.com Jorgen

    I want some stickers too, but I don’t live in the US. How do I get a hold of some?

  • http://www.logthatrun.com Running Log

    That’s a good idea, I’ve actually been going that with on of my own sites. I give out stickers to runners for my online running log site.

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