Getting More Blog Readers and Twitter Followers

Use Twitter and Blogs to Compliment Each Other

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Of people who both blog and tweet, the majority would overwhelmingly prefer to have more blog readers than followers on Twitter. This is according to surveys conducted by Darren Rowse who runs ProBlogger and TwiTip.

Would you prefer more blog readers or Twitter followers? Tell us.

This is not entirely surprising, since generally, much more effort is put into a blog post than a 140-character or less tweet, but there is certainly a gold-rush for Twitter followers. Jason Calacanis for one is willing to pay a pretty penny for them.

Rowse polled both his ProBlogger audience (which is presumably comprised mainly of bloggers) and his Twitip audience (which is made up of Twitterers). As expected, the Twitip crowd favored Twitter followers slightly more, but there was still a very clear majority wanting more blog readers. Rowse provides the following graphs:

Darren Rowse's Graphs for Blog Readers/Twitter Followers

There are certainly arguments for the value of both categories, and Rowse covers them pretty well here. There are some pretty obvious ones for blogs:

– they require more time/effort

– they provide more info

– they are most likely not going anywhere, while Twitter may be hot right now, but who knows where it will be in the future?

– the more blog readers you have, the more times your posts are likely to be linked to on Twitter anyway

There are obvious benefits to having Twitter followers too though, particularly for marketers.

– More followers is a good indication that there is demand for what you offer as a business, and that people are interested in your product(s)

– relationships easier to form (yes blogs have comments, but typically not the real-time conversation factor, and people are at Twitter to talk…they’re not necessarily at your blog to do so)

Of course people who both blog and tweet know they don’t have to choose between one medium or the other. They compliment each other, and ideally can work to each other’s benefits. Twitter can gain you more blog readers, and a blog can gain you more Twitter followers.

It’s all in the execution.
Write good content that Twitterers want to link to. This has plenty of potential for getting you more readers. Include chiclets on your posts, making it easy to share your content (this shouldn’t be limited to Twitter). Include a prominent link for people to follow you on Twitter (a Twitter logo here will help draw attention).

Link to good content from others when you Tweet. If people like what you’re pointing them to, you’ll likely gain more followers. Who would’ve guessed it all comes back to content? You could also mention your blog casually from time to time. This may increase awareness of it. Just because someone follows you on Twitter,  does not mean they know about your blog. That said, you probably don’t want to ram it down their throats either.

So, blogging Twitter users, would you rather have more blog readers or Twitter followers? Tell us.

Tips for using blogs & Twitter together? Share with WPN readers.

Getting More Blog Readers and Twitter Followers
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  • http://www.vbpoutsourcing.com KJ Rodgers

    I agree that blogs and Twitter must be both included, but blogs are more valuable for the traffic to the site.

  • http://www.superdealshop.com Bryan Quinn

    It’s early days for twitter. Now that it’s attracting a more mainstream audience, more changes and 3rd application are being created. With this in mind, there could be new relationships formed by blogger/tweeter combinations. An interesting time ahead.

  • http://1st-for-ebooks.com EBook Guy

    I could not get my head around Twitter until recently. Now I believe it is a great tool to build a brand and a following. Better than email marketing for my money.

  • http://blog.hichamaged.net/ Hicham

    Blogs have more medium to express thoughts so it’s normal to gain the big share in the pie than twitter. Nevertheless, there are people -bloggers- who prefere to tweet than to blog because of the real-time conversation plus expressing themselves within the 140-charachter limit.

    Anyway, Twitter is micro-blogging while blogs are macro-blogging if I’ve to use the term, so both are essential, and the goal is to express yourself.

  • http://www.info-bytes.net Pablo Buydid

    I use both Twitter and different blog platforms to impulse my activities, and traffic to my site. I’m agree blogs have the possitive thing of being more explicit, full of details, you can extend the idea using a large article. But Twitter let me do some extra things: being in contact with more people, publish something concrete in few seconds and keep the interest alive to my blogs/sites.

    I’ve been trying www.twitterfeed.com for automatize my blogs entries, and it works too.

    Those social resources work together, and it’s good to keep it in mind.

    • http://piterwall.blogspot.com piter

      by the way…how if blogs vs facebook?? and blogs vs twitter??
      what’s the different??

  • Guest

    Twitter is nice, but it’s out of hand. Some of us (!) need to work and the constant “tweets” don’t make sense. A blog you can read once at your convenience.

    It’s also a problem for writers. Spending all day tweeting? Is that what we really want to do?

  • http://getyourloverback.com/ get ex back

    Very nice post by you, especially statistics that you have included.
    I always say use blogs as the main thing and tweet as a secondary tool, I believe blogs are the main pieace of tha cake and twitter and other social media are the cream that makes it tastes better, unless if you are not into cream :)

  • http://www.haseltine-photo.com Ian Haseltine – Real Estate Photographer

    My organization would surely prefer more blog followers. However, if twitter is a tool that we can use to send readers to our blogs…then we certainly wouldn’t mind having twitter subscribers as well. Those who find our information useful and relevant tend to subscribe to both if they use both mediums.

  • http://www.prdepotchicago.com Social Marketing Mama

    While Twitter is a great medium to connect on and network. For me, its really for those who are on there more than others, as you will get many tweets every couple of seconds….who has the time? But, its a good idea to join if you are into social media. I prefer building my network through blogging though..its more solid in my opinion. Yes, its not as fast paced as Twitter, however if you are about increasing that traffic…keep/start blogging….and have a cool twitter profile too. =]

  • http://www.moneyandblogging.com Michelle

    I think they work great together. I have a different following with my twitter account and that lead to a lot of new visitors for my blog. So work them together you will be surprised on the out come.

  • http://www.firmalatter.dk Ejvind

    Anything with more info (content is king – remember) is of course better by definition. But of course one should not underestimate the idea of making a great offer or sending ground breaking news about ones business or life on Twitter to friends and followers.

    It could be compared with having newspaper readers ready to read every paragraph you send out. It is extremely focused information to the people that really want it (hopefully)

  • http://www.goldendoodleworld.com goldendoodleworld

    What is a chiclet?? YOu said to put this on your twitter but I have no idea what a chiclet is…..is this some sort of chicken finger? *grin*

    Just making a joke but serious…what is a chiclet?

    • Chris Crum

      Chiclets are the little social icons you often see attached to web content that let people share said content via social networks, bookmarking services, etc.

  • http://www.westernshowsaddles.net Tony Lee

    It’s not surprising that folks would want more readers than twitter followers. As one person has already mentioned, content is king and having folks engage in your blog would offer to the SEO side of the house.

  • http://mthfrandme.blogspot.com/ tiger8991

    I would like to have more traffic to my blog but I also feel twitter plays a good role in doing that. A combination is good but my blog is more important to me.

  • http://www.melbourneonline.com.au Mark – Melbourne SEO

    Twitter is dying a slow death. The buzz is already turning into kind of a soft droning sound and of the people I inititally knew on Twitter only a fraction is left.
    Social networking fads are just that: Fads. They come and go.
    Blogs are real content. Even if the idea of blogging passes, the content is still the same content we will use in the next format for presentation. The words still communicate a message.
    Blogs may not last forever but they will be around long after Twitter is buried.

  • http://hughzebeezlaughs.blogspot.com Hughze

    I started blogging before I started twittering. I was hardly finding any followers for my blog just poking around in blog catalogs etc… when I started twittering, I more than doubled my followers on my blog in about a week. And I am still picking up followers. Maybe one here and one there but more people are reading my blog. I believe that if social networking dies, I’ll be more because everyone gets tired of the marketers than it being a fad that passes.

    I would rather have more followers on my blogs than on twitter because of the way twitter works. You tweet and not many people see it no matter how many followers you have. But twitter is a good tool for showing a lot of people my blogs. It’s also fun to chat with people.

  • http://chris-fallingtears.blogspot.com/ Chris

    Twitter is a traffic director for now. But with the ad selling it will become as valuable as the blog. Right now the blog is more valuable.

  • http://www.movie666.com/ Deke Thornton

    I’d rather have you come to my blog than follow my tweets. In fact, my tweets are just going to steer you to my blog anyway. Twitter seems like a side course and blogs a real meal. I have yet to see anything truly useful come from Twitter. Or maybe the people I follow are just dull… people stuck at the airport, late for yoga, drunk on the tennis court. Snooze.

  • Joseph


    I am soo over twitter now, :)

  • http://bambilashes.com/ BambiLashes

    I will take blog readers any day, my ability to monetize there visits is far greater than someone just trying to gain followers, so they follow any and everyone, the spam on twitter is crazy, every other tweet is a failed attempt to sell something, the spam aspect is rediculous and tiresome

  • Guest


  • http://danielleparsons.com Danielle Parsons

    Definitely blog. I am driving traffic to my blog via Twitter posts.

  • http://www.blog.andrewwurster.com Andrew Wurster

    I would much prefer more blog readers/viewers.. my blog is a photoblog, I point twitter followers through tweets.

  • http://www.sportsworldchat.com steve zebrowski

    i prefer a blog because it takes time and effort but twitter is fun for just seeing what people are up to in their daily life..

  • http://www.internet-successful-tips.com Laurentiu Bogdan Sanda

    I like more blog readers than twitter because you put so much energy and work in your posts to write and twitter is for fun!

    Altought i manage to pull a lot of traffic from twitter to my blog :)

    So i think you can merge those 2 and you have a winner < > :)

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    I think the right question should be would you like to have more blog RSS readers or Twitter followers. Blogs and twitter can’t be compared…

  • http://twitter.com/ni404 Nikolay Belousov

    Wrong comparison, I suppose.
    When you want to promote your ideas or your personality you establish blog and start posting there.
    Twitter, rss readers, seo, cross posts and comments in other blogs is just a way to promote your blog.
    Of course they are used for fun or for interest but from marketing point of view this things are called marketing strategy).

  • http://www.ronoutlawsblog.com/ Guest

    If you noticed. All of the heavy hitters are flocking to twitter.
    They are using it to promote their product. Most of them are covert, but the bottom line is make a sale.
    I think twitter will survive. Most of the followers are their for Fun.

  • http://eventplanningforum.ning.com/ himanshu

    More followers is no indication that there is demand for what you offer as a business. There are many people who follow those who follow them as a sign of returning the favor. So if you want to increase your followers, simply follow more.

  • http://www.babypushchairsonline.co.uk baby pushchairs

    Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media service today. There are many channels an internet marketer can use to reach out to his or her target audience. Blog is certainly one channel but it is definitely not the fastest channel. A social media like twitter would be a much faster channel to grow your network.

  • http://www.djsonarm.co.uk DJ Sonarm

    I recently joined Twitter and want to look into ways it can help drive traffic, not just raise awareness of my services. It’s a simple concept but it looks like it can be quite powerful if used in the right way. Looking forward to see what can be done.

    I guess for starters I need to post some relevant tweets…

    • http://www.changagorham.com Mr. CG

      Hello DJ,
      One of the easiest ways to start is to find people in the same area you have interests in and follow them and see what’s being “tweeted” and then you comment or just follow some people and they usually follow back to see what you have to offer. Always try to provide some type of value even it’s just a quote or your opinion. Any comments please e-mail at: support@changagorham.com

      As far as my blog, I post and refer to my posts in my tweets and e-mails. I also have a twitter widget on my blog.

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    I have to say, I agree with the statement that they go hand in hand. I use both to raise awareness for my safety and security web site and I find they work well together. Thanks, Chris, for sharing this information.

  • Guest

    I am a Twitter user myself. You just can’t go wrong with Twitter. If you’re good at social networking, you’ll do just fine.

  • http://www.greenlemon.in Faiza

    Twitter is only a tool to help you stay connected. That said, it helps broaden the reach of your blog to potential blog readers virally. Ultimately, twitter does what a social networking website helps you to. People get to know you, recognize you, accept you and credit you; perhaps faster than many other networking sites. You then have a stream of people coming in to your blog or subscribing to it, converting to loyal readers.

  • http://www.sportsworldchat.com steve zebrowski

    Twitter is fun, kinda keeps people undated and more into your life and what you are up to at a random moment , blogging is totally different.

  • http://www.bigsurrealestate.com/ Mike – Big Sur Real Estate

    Twitter, I love the laziness of Twitter.

  • http://queengems.ecrater.com Sunnyshine

    I’ve different opinion. I prefer Blog.

    Now, the hottest site is Twitter so everyone who wants to get the traffic quickly is looking at Twitter.

    However, Twitter seems the fashionable trend so it is possible to fail or be less popular in the future. But blog is more stable and has more content. Blog also can attract people and traffic in the longer term.

    I think it’s not wrong if you’ll take time with both Twitter and blog. Nobody tells you to leave one of them.

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ Eric

    Although twitter can help in bringing traffic on the temporary basis, blog is my asset and it is under my ownership so I will prefer readers for my blog-posts than the followers on twitter.

  • http://ripsychotherapy.com Mike Adamowicz

    I use both. I can think of at least a half dozen ways that the blog has helped me. Can’t think of any benefit that twitter has brought me.

  • http://lii.org/cs/lii/view/todo/2410259? ben

    As another reader pointed out – you can’t really compare the two – its like comparing apples and oranges…

  • http://www.americantimesonline.com Orikinla Osinachi

    I am a professional blogger with a blog news network and followers on Twitter will not boost the commercial value of my blogs, but more readers will increase my mileage and patronage and generate more advert income for me.

  • http://www.indianinvasioncomedy.com/ Indian Invasion Comedy

    I feel that Twitter is just another way to focus on specific audience, with the hope that they will turn into regular blog visitors.

    But it seems that those people are so obsessed with the Twitter service, do they even visit any other sites?

    And if people are so busy with sites like Twitter and Facebook, do they really have the time to focus on any other sites they visit?

    The more valuable visitor is the one who can spend a little time on your site, rather than a quick glance and move on…

  • http://www.seosean.com Affordable SEO Services

    I would rather have blog readers too!

  • http://blogsthatmakemoney.net Blogs that Make Money

    Personally I’d like more Twitter followers since by default they will be anyway to several sites with the push of a button. Not only that the RT is an army that is working for you.

    To me Twitter is better than RSS and some other marketing tools. It’s one stop shopping. All a user has to do is sit there and pick and choose as the options come rolling by. No need to go to email or a reader.

    Like hors d’eouvres platters making their way around the room, followers take a little bit of this or that or pass all together. The un-targeted market portion just un-follows. Cool stuff.

  • http://www.ezyblogger.com/ Roseli A. Bakar

    I’ll vote for BLOG READERS !

  • http://directconnectshop.wordpress.com/ Debbie

    I am on Twitter and have a blog. I have been promoting Twitter in my blog hoping to draw more attention to my blog.

    Twitter can be good to get others to your blog. But also others on Twitter are out there from what I am finding mainly to promote their sites.

  • http://smartvm.com/ rack mount monitor

    There is no comparison between Blog readers and twitter followers. It just depends on users. Some user likes blogging and some likes twitter. Blogging takes time and provides more information where twitter made relationships easier to form.

  • TK

    I’d take either or at this point and time!

  • http://howtolearnmarketing.blogspot.com/ kathleen inman

    It would get awfully lonely on my blog without twitter, Even if I only get the odd twitter glance, it is more fulfilling to have an audience, I enjoy blogging more with twittter,

  • http://www.ninapierce.com Nina Pierce

    Since (as you stated) there is more content on my blog and more information about my books I’d much rather have blog readers.

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