Getting Away With Magazine Piracy

    August 18, 2008
    Chris Crum

Audio and Video aren’t the only forms of media being pirated on the Internet.

There is a site called that thinks they can get away with allowing users to upload entire copies of magazines provided they simply acknowledge that they have purchased it.

Not surprisingly, the publishers aren’t too thrilled with this.

Some publishers have been reported to be preparing legal action, and the site’s days (at least in the current format) are likely numbered.

The biggest obstacle is that while the site has been featuring many American publications such as Playboy, FHM, People, and others, it is being run from outside the country.

Still, I don’t think I’m alone in believing that we probably won’t see much of this practice in the future without the appropriate legal measures being taken.

"It’s pretty hard to see how it’s anything other than a straightforward set of copyright violations," says Debevoise & Plimpton lawyer Jeffrey Cunard.

Gareth at makes a good point in that Mygazines’ format could be a hint at a future distribution method (a format that simply requires a Flash Player) for online publications. It isn’t too hard to envision a paid service like this – like iTunes for magazines.

There is the possibility that they will not be able to control this though. Look at YouTube. But YouTube has Google behind it.