GDC 2012: Sim City 5 Announced, Developed By Maxis

    March 7, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Before Maxis created the best selling PC franchise of all time in The Sims, their first claim to fame was Sim City. EA and Maxis used GDC this week to announce the next entry in the venerated franchise.

The newest Sim City was announced at Game Changers, an event at GDC that featured talks from director Davis Guggenheim, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone and charity: water CEO Scott Harrison. The focus was definitely on Sim City, however, and EA has big plants for the return of the city simulation series.

EA is claiming that the new Sim City is going to be the best one yet and a “rebirth of the franchise.” It looks like most of the gameplay elements from previous games are still going to be there. There will be a few new additions that Sim City fans will either love or hate. The series will be introducing a consequence system based on player decisions. The choices that players make will determine the fate of the world, or just their city.

On top of the new gameplay, the game will also be running on a new engine called GlassBox. This new engine will allow everything in the game to be a sim. This means that Sims within your city will have separate lives that are impacted by the choices you make such as losing their jobs or buy homes.

“We’d like to thank the millions of fans who have helped make SimCity synonymous with the city-building genre. This is a franchise that means the world to us at Maxis and we’re happy to be bringing it back home where we are reimagining it for an entirely new generation of players,” said Lucy Bradshaw, Senior Vice President of EA’s Maxis Label. “Using our proprietary GlassBox Engine, SimCity for PC will equip players with the tools to play the most sophisticated simulation of its kind. We are dedicated to making sure the experience – no matter the platform – has the fun, flavor and playability that has been intrinsic to the franchise since its birth.”

The game will launch exclusively on the PC sometime in 2013. Right now, gamers can preorder the game through EA’s Origin for some exclusive content. Hopefully EA and Valve can work out their problems so the game will see release on Steam as well.

Check out the first trailer for the game now and tell us what you think:

  • snoopster

    looks impressive, looking forward to it

  • Eric

    Please, EA, please listen as I quite litterally beg you here. DO NOT require Origin, make Origin OPTIONAL. I’ve given your Origin system three shots, all three I’ve felt beyond underwhelmed and it’s intrusive capabilities are simply unacceptable, I’ve stopped purchasing all of your games that require Origin at this point (Which is sad cause I love Bioware, but sadly my business with them is concluded until they no longer require Origin)

    I love Sim City and I’ve been waiting a decade+ for the next installment, don’t make me not buy it because of Origin.

  • kjb434

    As long as you don’t force online play and that a sandbox mode where user customization is allowed, then the TRUE sim fans will be happy. The only thing about Sim City 4 that is ageing is the graphics.

    The love of Sim City in many fan’s eyes is the customization (even more than sandbox mode). The ability to bring in your own building and other elements. The ability to customize transportation components really stretch Sim City 4 out. No expansion pack from Maxis (other than Rush Hour) could be produced because the community at large did a much better job (for donations only). Just look at Simtropolis.com and you will see this.

    The last thing I want is a more social game and online play and worst of all is in-app purchasing. Just let the community improve after the release like in Sim City 4.

  • rafael

    I agree with kjb434, who cares about online gaming when it comes to simcity. All we want is better graphics ie. 3D, rotate to any angle, pan down and walk, drive or even fly through the city you create is essential. Walking into the mayor’s house would be a nice touch. Yeah sure throw in some environmental issues but don’t harp on it please, we all know about it. Transport is very important. And having to replace utilities constantly is not at all fun. Give us a setting to replace it automatically, if our budget allows, after it reached a determined efficiency level. Also metro entrances and bus stops should be on the footpath and not taking up a building block. EA email me I’ll consult for free ;-P

  • Luke Cadden

    Please add the economic functions of recessions etc.

    Oh and for the love of god…CHEAPER LOANS!

  • barkadoodle

    I hope they make sure to have plenty of natural disasters.