FriendFeed Offers Real-Time Search

    July 5, 2009
    Chris Crum

Today FriendFeed has launched a real-time search feature. Now when you perform a search on the service, you will be presented with real-time results as they roll in. That means you don’t have to continuously refresh for the latest results.

If you’re searching a particularly hot topic, you might find it hard to even browse results because they’re coming in so quickly. Luckily FriendFeed has acknowledged this.

"While we were testing this internally, we could barely keep up with the non-stop activity regarding Michael Jackson (That’s when we knew we needed a pause button)," says Jim Norris on the FriendFeed Blog.

FriendFeed Real Time Search (pause)

You can access real-time search on FriendFeed by using the regular search box, but you can also use advanced search options and saved searches and still get real-time results. You can also embed a real-time search on your site:

On another FriendFeed-related note, the service released some new themes the other day. These allow users to customize their pages to suit their personal tastes with regards to aesthetics.