Fred Durst Sends Gawker Flowers, Drops Gawker from Suit?

    March 9, 2005

Fred Durst has apparently dropped Gawker from his lawsuit over the hosting of his hacked sex video.

Nick Wilson at Threadwatch reported

“Last weekend we reported on Fred Durst suing Gawker Media over that hacked sex tape business. Now we see that Fred is not perhaps quite the moron he seemed, or maybe that he just woke up and realized what an arse he was being, as he apologizes to Gawker.

He sent Gawker boss Nick Denton flowers bless his headbanging little socks :-)”

In a post at Defamer, (a Gawker owned blog) entitled “Fred Durst Apologizes For Giving Us A Legal Reacharound” claims that they have received this hand written note from Fred Dust …


I assume this is true, but you never know with Gawker …

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