Former YouTube Monetization Guy Moves To AOL

    September 29, 2009

The man to whom Google once entrusted YouTube’s financials is now going to see what he can do for AOL.  Former YouTube head of monetization Shashi Seth has been hired as AOL’s senior vice president of global advertising products. 

Shashi Seth

This sort of career path might look a little confusing at first, given that Google’s extremely successful and AOL, even by the most charitable standards, simply isn’t.  But AOL’s been able to bring quite a few Googlers onto its payroll since Tim Armstrong, who was an SVP at the search giant, became its CEO.

Also, as more and more join up, it’s almost starting to look like a reasonable thing to do, too, since they might be able to turn the organization around.

Seth made a statement hinting at something along those lines, saying, "I’m grateful to have the opportunity to come to AOL as it moves toward becoming an independent company.  The company already has an incredible combination of scale and a suite of great advertising products and technology, and I’m looking forward to working with AOL’s talented team to build on this strong foundation."

Seth comes to AOL most directly from Cooliris, where he served as its chief revenue officer.