Five Ways To Score Big On Digg

    May 9, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

The big social media sites receive thousands of submissions continually. Yours doesn’t have to be one that never escapes Digg’s Upcoming section, or the basement of any social bookmarking presence.

An inbound link from the front page of Digg means one thing to webmasters: pure profit. There’s no greater feeling than that of the revenue from a CPM ad spinning like a top, aside from tons of clicks through PPC ads by those visitors.

Pulling that sweet Digg traffic has become more difficult over time, and for pure SEO topics it’s nearly impossible. For websites with other niches, and an equal desire for traffic that makes the bank account go ka-ching, SearchRank made five suggestions on social media friendliness that may help you be Dugg in a big way.

They explain the details at length; this is a summary of the salient points:

  1. Remove Blog Name and/or Sections From Title: all you need is the title of the post

  2. Include Appealing Descriptions (Stay Within Character Limitations): if you want to practice writing tighter copy, and you should, sign up for Twitter and practice summarizing your post in 140 characters, including a link.
  3. Submit to the Most Relevant Category (Avoid Multiples if Allowed): stay on topic; to be specific, stay on one topic.
  4. Stay Within The Topic of the Social News Site: SearchRank noted how sites like Sphinn and Small Business Brief cater to a dedicated niche. Your submission to these sites should do likewise. At bigger sites like Digg, keep to the most relevant category.
  5. Will Others Find Your Submission of Interest? Boring only gets clicked when the facts are truly staggering; think about the recent revelations about major leaguer Roger Clemens and his friendship with country singer Mindy McBride.

Even following these steps once, twice, a hundred times, your stories may not make it to the rarefied air of the front page. Persistence is a reward, and you may learn something about your writing style that help you adjust to gain the attention you want for your site.