FeedBurner/Google Alum Goes To Twitter

    September 2, 2009

It looks like Twitter’s filled another hole in its lineup of key executives.  The title of Chief Operating Officer should go to Dick Costolo, who was the cofounder and CEO of FeedBurner and also did a stint at Google post-acquisition.

Costolo left Google about two months ago.  His LinkedIn profile claims that, since then, he’s been working for Monkey Beach Crime, Inc.  (Chalk this odd tale up to Costolo’s former career as a comedian).

Michael Arrington provided a more likely story by writing this afternoon, "Dick Costolo is Twitter’s new chief operating officer, we’ve heard from multiple sources. . . .  We’d heard he was looking to start a new company, but obviously Twitter swooped in and grabbed him."

Since he’s worked for both a startup and a corporate giant with a $144 billion market cap, Costolo may be in a good position to help Twitter mature as a business.  Experience on both ends of that scale is hard to come by and often quite valuable.

If – and this is an if that at least a few people are thinking about – Google tries to buy Twitter, Costolo could probably help there, too.