Court Orders Facebook To Release Identity Of Fake Profile Creator

    May 12, 2008

The creator of a phony Facebook profile set up in the name of an Indiana high school dean could soon be revealed. 

Roncalli High School Dean Tim Puntarelli filed a lawsuit against the social networking site seeking information regarding the profile creator’s identity. Facebook’s privacy policy requires a court order to release any information about its members. The profile was removed after it had been reported to be fake.

The lawsuit includes identity deception and harassment allegations and resulted in a court order from the Marion County judge to release any information about the creator of the Facebook profile. It’s not known if the author of the bogus Facebook profile is a Roncalli student.

"The archdiocese hopes to resolve the issue as quickly as possible in order to restore damage done to Puntarelli’s reputation and to prevent this type of identity theft from happening again," the archdiocese which runs Roncalli  said in a statement The Indianapolis Star reported.

Facebook will not discuss the lawsuit but it will have to release the user’s IP address along with any other information that could identify the author of the profile.

There is no indication of further prosecutions in the lawsuit, and the consequences the creator of the fake Facebook profile may be subject to are unknown.