Facebook Giving Users More Privacy Controls

    December 9, 2009

Facebook is rolling out new features today to allow users to have more control over how they share content with others.

Users will be able to control who sees each individual piece of content they post. Facebook’s new Publisher Privacy Control will allow people to select a privacy setting for every post they make at the time they create it. By making selections in a drop-down menu, users will be able to control what they want to share with friends, family and co-workers.

To help users with the changes, Facebook is offering a Transition Tool. The tool will start with a message that explains the changes and will then let users update their settings. Users will have the option of keeping their old settings or accept recommendations from Facebook.

Chris-Cox "One of our primary goals is to consistently improve Facebook and expand what our users can do through the site, and that includes providing them with new tools to help control their information," said Chris Cox, Vice President of Product Management.

"The features we’re announcing today aren’t the end point, but are simply the latest step in our iterative process. Great suggestions helped us get here, and we look forward to the feedback that will help us develop the next innovation in privacy and user control."

Facebook said the changes will not impact advertising programs and that it has never shared personal information with advertisers except at the direction and control of a user

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