Expanding Content For More Traffic

    April 1, 2003

We have just released a Children’s Learning CD. We are having a hard time getting on search engine positions. Could you also look at our site and see if it needs some changes?

Thank you for your time.


The two main obstacles you have right now with search engines are content and links. I’ll address each of these here, and make one small suggestion about your site’s design.

You need to have more text content on the site if you want to be found under more than a few search terms. Adding some information of interest to your target audience will make your site more attractive to search engines. Once you’ve developed the content, optimizing it for search engines is a fairly simple task.

Since you are offering an educational product, you can expand your content simply providing a few pages of information on suggested uses, games that could be played, that sort of thing. You may already have a bunch of notes and that sort of thing from the development and testing of the product, that could guide your efforts here.

The other factor that comes into play with search engines is how well linked your site is with the rest of the web. Making sure that you apply for directory listings, and working on getting other sites to link to yours, will dramatically boost your rankings on all search engines.

Let me just say that this is a beautiful website. The use of the color, the images, all the elements really work together. The only suggestion I’d make in terms of design would be to make sure that the information about the product is visible “above the fold” on the typical browser.

I was looking for an “About” page, until I realized that this information was on the home page. Some visitors might not be as slow on the uptake as I am, but a lot will be even slower.

Dan Thies

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