Evolution of the SEO Tool Set

    April 4, 2005

With the discovery and consequent analysis efforts over the contraversial Google Patent that has fueled small amounts of paranoia and large privacy concerns recently, some SEO’s are rethinking their toolsets.

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The traditional toolset of SEO’s is quickly becoming obsolete with the large data sets that are essential for important analysis. Methinks clever SEO’s are going to start hoarding large amounts of info similar to the way G does to be effective in the future. It’s going to be less and less useful using tools that only give “one-time” data without any type of trending information over time (since these seem to be among the most important “new” variables.) Better treat those programmers nice.

I know we have more than a few great tool builders, and tool users in the TW membership, and I wanted to talk a little about what tools may be desirable, and undesirable with regard to the patent.

Of course, this does rather assume that you don’t think the patent is a complete load of old bollocks devised specifically to put the wind up the SEO community. For my part, i find it hard to imagine such complexity when Google don’t appear to be able to even detect enormous amounts of duplicate low grade content unless it’s pointed out to them by bloggers.

However, it’s worth thinking about what kind of data it would be useful to track, and how that might be done.

So, if you do this stuff, on any large scale, and can share without giving away all your secrets, let’s hear what you think about the evolution of the SEO toolset….

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