EPIC Slams Ask, Google On Privacy

    January 23, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

In an FTC filing in the US about Ask.com, and testimony before the European Parliament about Google’s DoubleClick acquisition, the Electronic Privacy Information Center complained of the potential threat to individual online privacy.
EPIC Slams Ask, Google On Privacy

The AskEraser tool sounds like a good idea on its surface. Turn it on, and the search engine won’t keep one’s search activity on its servers after a few hours. No other major search engine offers a similar product.

EPIC thinks AskEraser has problems. A number of groups joined EPIC in filing a complaint with the FTC about AskEraser.

They claim Ask.com engages in unfair and deceptive trade practices regarding AskEraser. Their concerns center on the use of cookies in managing AskEraser’s privacy feature, how information passes through Ask to Google, and the potential for AskEraser to be silently disabled for a user who otherwise believes it is active.