Eons Earns $22 Million In Funding

    March 6, 2007

It’s not every day that a press release begins with the words “BOOM BOOM BOOM,” and yet that’s exactly how Eons, a media company that caters to the 50-plus crowd, chose to announce its receipt of a fresh $22 million in funding. It looks like there’s plenty o’ life in Eons yet (and hopefully in its users, as well).

A number of investment firms certainly believed there was a good prognosis. The assembly was led, according to Eons, “by Charles River Ventures, with participation from new investors Intel Capital and Humana Inc., as well as existing investors General Catalyst Partners and Sequoia Capital.”

You probably recognized a name or two out of that group; consider them evidence that Eons has won a strong following. WebProNews first wrote about the company in August, and then covered its search engine cRANKy in January. Growth is obviously taking place, although exact numbers are scarce. (When you attempt to “browse all members,” you’re informed that there are only “10,000+,” but other signs indicate a number closer to 270,000.)

Still, Eons is looking quite healthy. So are its over-50 users, for that matter – the current top search term at cRANKy is [sex]. I suppose that’s only natural, given founder and CEO Jeff Taylor’s goal to “inspire boomers to see, learn, and be more on the way to the reachable goal of living to 100.”

“Boomers are ready to play hard on the Web,” Taylor stated, “and Eons is not only changing the way they connect with each other, but also how corporate America reaches this desirable demographic.” That new $22 million should go a long way towards helping the company accomplish both objectives.

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