Eight Tips For Gathering E-mail Addresses

    September 5, 2003

Use these tips for collecting customers’ and prospects’ e-mail addresses — and don’t forget to ask for permission before sending information!

1. Add an e-mail address line to your trade show lead forms.

2. Gather information online by offering white papers or other “high value” reports or information

3. Ask your sales people for e-mail addresses they have in their personal databases.

4. Ask customers for e-mail addresses at the point of sale or at repair or service centers.

5. Offer an e-newsletter.

6. Add, “May we send you information via e-mail?” to all your direct mail response forms.

7. Add an “opt-in” checkbox to your Web site. (Don’t make people “opt-out” of information they don’t need or want.)

8. Update your database by calling your customers and confirming postal and e-mail addresses.

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